Planning Your Evening Wedding Reception

So this is third part in the three part wedding planning series on your wedding reception. If you missed the other 2 blogs, or you've hopped here first, you can check out the Drinks Reception HERE and the Evening Reception HERE.

Let's start at the beginning.......


After your wedding breakfast ends your wedding day moves into the evening reception. It would usually begin with all your guests leaving the room where they have eaten and making their way to the bar. They will then be met by your evening guests, who will hopefully be arriving at the bar at the same time..... providing your timings have gone to plan!

This kind of initiates the beginning of the evening reception.

In terms of structure and order of events, the first thing to usually happen during the evening reception is the cake cutting. This is then quickly followed by the first dance. After the first dance there is likely to be a dance with the bride and her father. The groom and his mother may have a dance following on from the bride and her father, along with the bridesmaids. The rest of the guests then swiftly follow and that's when the party really gets started.

Photo By Ross Hurley Photo

Photo By Ross Hurley Photo

If you have had an earlier ceremony, say 12pm and therfore your meal was earlier, you may want to have a cocktail hour before going into the evening reception part of your day. If you're evening guests are arriving at 7pm but you finish your meal at say 5.30/6pm, this could be your cocktail hour. you could offer his and hers cocktails and have a slightly different vibe, whilst perhaps your wedding breakfast room is being turned around (if this is part of your venue set up).

The final part of your day you need to consider in terms of structure, is your evening food. Guests will start to get peckish again and your evening guests will expect to be fed. A good time to serve fo