Lauren Goodman

Creative Director

Wedding Planner, Stylist and Mentor

Hi, I'm Lauren!


I feel incredibly lucky to be working in such a creative industry, that is filled with so many talented people. I am a huge creative geek and love inspiring others for their own Uk weddings.

 As a creative I have a passion for creating beautiful things from scratch, no matter what form they come in. So weddings with details, that are modern and have considered style are our cup of tea. But fear not it is not only the creativity that sparks a light inside me. I make it my duty for my couples to feel like they know me and can trust me with their day. Each of my couples days are just as important to me and you'll often see me tearing up during the ceremony or speeches! Nothing prepared for me for the emotions and love I would feel for this amazing job and how I feel at every single one of my clients weddings......... it's pretty unforgettable!


I have very quickly realised that I love to help and educate people. After 12 years of being a coach and teacher, it is a skill that I have brought through to my wedding planning. Helping my couples navigate their wedding planning process, managing the different suppliers for them and helping spark ideas and bring them to life. Putting their nerves at bay and ensuring they don't get overwhelmed or anxious at the task ahead.

It is an absolute pleasure to be on their journey with them, something that is never lost on me!

My love of helping and empowering others along with my passion for teaching has now opened up a new path. Educating others female entrepreneurs in the creative industries is an absolute pleasure. Helping them level up their businesses like I have and reach their full potential lights me up on a daily basis.

How I Met MY Husband:

My love of music and bands in particular, introduced me to Simon. I had decided I wanted to learn the drums of all things. Anyway long story short, Simon was my drum teacher and over a decade later we are now married with 2 beautiful children and my third child that is of course this business, Bluebird Creative in Surrey.

5 Fun Facts:

  • My daughter is born on my husbands birthday and my son is born on my birthday!

  •  I MUST order anything on a menu if it contains truffle!

  •  I have a slight obsession with buying clothes

  •  In my house you will find an abundance of plants and flowers.

  • My favourite place in the whole world is Calella De Palafrugell

If you fancy a natter over a cup of coffee or Zoom, to discuss how we can help you plan your wedding, or level up your business,  let's get the conversation started.


Senior Planner and Office Assistant

Courtenay, who you'll hear Lauren refer to as Coco is a Bluebird Senior Wedding Planner and Coordinator. Not only will you see her heading up some of our Bluebird weddings, but she is the person keeping things in the office in order and will likely be the one replying to your emails. She is the Ying to Lauren's Yang and together they make a damn good team.

5 Fun Facts

  • I love cats! 

  • Cheese-aholic and proud

  • I wanted to be a dentist when I grew up

  • I love watching the six nations even if I don't fully understand the rules 

  • Secret lover of drum and bass  

Courtenay Thomas

Past clients 

Seaside Bride | West Sussex Wedding

Kim and Louise

Kim and Louise will be seen on the majority of our weddings. They are passionate about weddings and love a good love story ( they can usually be found having a little cry during our clients ceremonies). They work hard, have an attention to detail and are great at styling. They are usually one step ahead of the game, great problem solvers and always have a warm smile. They are both a huge asset to the Bluebird Team.

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Wedding Coordinators