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Lauren Goodman 

Creative Director

Wedding Planner and Stylist

Hi, I'm Lauren!


I feel incredibly lucky to be working in such a creative industry, that is filled with so many talented people. I am a huge creative geek and love inspiring others for their own events.

My journey into wedding planning has come through a series of different paths. Which finally aligned in Bluebird Creative Events...

I am, as I say, a huge creative geek. With my skills venturing from ice skating choreography, music and video editing, to of course creative events styling. I love to create beautiful things from scratch, no matter what form they come in. But fear not it is not only the creativity that sparks a light inside me. I also have a slightly unhealthy love for a spreadsheet, a list and sorting logistics! So the stars literally aligned for me, in the form of wedding planning! However nothing prepared for me for the emotions and love I would feel for this amazing job and how I feel at every single one of my clients weddings......... it's pretty unforgettable!

How I Met MY Husband:

My love of music and bands in particular, introduced me to Simon. I had decided I wanted to learn the drums of all things. Anyway long story short, Simon was my drum teacher and over a decade later we are now married with 2 beautiful children and my third child that is of course this business, Bluebird Creative in Surrey.

5 Fun Facts:

  • My daughter is born on my husbands birthday and my son is born on my birthday!

  •  I MUST order anything on a menu if it contains truffle!

  •  I have a slight obsession with buying clothes

  •  In my house you will find an abundance of plants and flowers.

  • My favourite place in the whole world is Calella De Palafrugell


 I think my bubbly personality and zest for life is key in the world of weddings.

If you fancy a natter over a cup of coffee or skype, to discuss planning your upcoming wedding, get in touch!

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