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3 Free Best Ways to Plan Your Wedding

That's right you read it correctly! I'm giving you the lowdown on the three FREE best resources to help plan your wedding.

If you haven't got them already then make sure you scroll down and click the links to download as they'll make your wedding planning life so much easier and stress free!

So let's dive straight in shall we!

The Wedding Planning Checklist

Firstly, it's the wedding planning checklist this takes you through what you should be looking at doing and when over a 12 month planning time. Obviously if you've got 18 months or 2 years of planning ahead of you then you can still use this as a guide you'll just want to complete things such as securing your date and venue at the start of your wedding planning journey.

It's broken down into bi-monthly sections with a tick list of the tasks that you should be looking to get down during that time. If you're like me and love the dopamine hit of ticking something off your list then this is definitely for you!

Don't forget to DOWNLOAD YOURS NOW!

Wedding Decor Checklist

Now it can be an absolute mind field out there when it comes to wedding decor so I've created another checklist to help you with this: the wedding decor checklist.

It's more of a little prompt to help you consider what decor items you might want in each area of your wedding. The checklist is split in areas of the wedding (ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast etc) but it also contains extra areas broken down further such as stationery and signage.

Remember this is just a generic guide and you can add or take away as much decor as you want but hopefully it's a good guide to help you along the wedding decor journey.

Wedding Flower Checklist

Again, this can be another mind field area where you're not sure what you need or need to consider when it comes to wedding flowers. Well yes, you've guessed it, I have another FREE checklist for you: the ultimate wedding flower guide!

This time I've broken down all the floral elements you might want to consider at each part of the day including a section dedicated for your bridal party flowers. It's a handy tool for you to make notes on and talk through with any florist you may be speaking with.

The Bluebird Wedding Planning Blueprint

If you're needing more help and guidance with your wedding planning then look no further than the ultimate digital wedding journey: The Bluebird Wedding Planning Blueprint!

A new product launched this year that is an in depth, step by step guide to helping you plan your wedding stress free! Keeping everything in one place and online you can tick off checklists, schedule alerts and deadlines and keep notes for all your wedding planning. You're planning will be a piece of cake!

If you don't want all your wedding planning hard work going to waste then book our month of coordination service! We'll help bring everything together six weeks before your wedding day including your final full supplier timeline and be there on the day to make sure all your little details are just the way you want them.

Happy planning

Lauren xx


Photos by: Fresh Shoot Photography


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