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What To Put On Your Wedding Website

It's been a while since I talked wedding tech and more and more of you are opting for wedding websites to go alongside your invitations so I thought it would be good to talk about what you should include, because that's important right!

Firstly, it doesn't need to be complicated! How you work your website alongside your invitation can vary in a manor of different ways and there's no right or wrong way to do this.

For example, someone might send an e-invite which has a link to the website, someone else might send a paper invite that has the website address at the bottom which the guest then needs to type in to send their rsvp or someone might send a paper invite and paper rsvp but have the website address on their invite for more information.

But essentially you need to include the below information on your wedding website...

What to Include!

  1. Your names - so they know they're on the right website! A picture of the two of you also makes the website that little bit more personal.

  2. The date - so they don't forget or get it wrong!

  3. The location - the venue address in full with postcode! A map is also extremely helpful if the website allows you to add this as some venues can be pretty remote. If you can add directions as well to make it super clear then add it!

  4. Transport information - create a separate page for transport and include local taxi numbers, the nearest train station and any info on any transportation you have booked for the guests, that could be mini buses or coaches from a certain collection point or hotel and/or in case you're moving location after the ceremony.

  5. Accommodation - create a separate page for accommodation in case guests would like to stay nearby to the wedding venue. Research local hotel with different price points to give your guests some choice. We work with an incredible platform called That's The One that provides this accommodation booking system for our wedding couples, they also get discounted prices on room rates.

  6. Gift Registry - add a gift registry page or link if you're having one and have some information about it, try to word it in a way that doesn't come across as 'this is what we want'. You may be looking at The Wedding Shop, Amazon or Prezola to name a few. Your guests will want to buy you gifts so it's always helpful to steer them in the direction of what you'd like rather than getting gifts that you don't.

  7. RSVP and food choices - if you're doing the RSVP through the website then obviously make sure this is on there and for guests to select their menu choices if you're offering that as well as any dietary requirements. You may want to ask if any children attending will require a highchair and/or meal as well.

  8. Any additional information that you feel is relevant to your wedding - this could include the dress code if it's different from your typical wedding attire. You could also add on a little love story about the two of you or the story of your engagement

So there you have it guys, a simple but factual list of what you need to include on your wedding website as we don't want you to miss any of this information out!

If you want a wedding coordinator for your wedding then make sure you check out our Month of Coordination service which gets us involved 6 weeks before your wedding date, we touch base with all your suppliers, create and complete your wedding timeline and coordinate your wedding on the day. When booking this service you get access to That's The One from as soon as you sign that contract! So get in touch now!

Happy planning

Lauren xx


Photos by. Anneli Marinovich Photography


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