Wedding Reception Series- Part One: How To Plan your Drinks Reception

Hey Guys, so I've decided to create you a 3 part blog and youtube series on your wedding reception! I break the wedding reception down into the sections, so I figured why not do the same for you, with 3 digestible pieces of information to help you plan your wedding reception!

So let's dive into PART ONE!

Ok the first part of your wedding reception is the drinks reception. This is the first part of your wedding day where you begin socialising with your guests as husband and wife. In fact it's the first part of your day you're socialising with your guests period!

It comes straight after your ceremony. Now if you are getting married in a church or separate venue to your wedding reception, you are likely to have a few photos at your ceremony locations, then head over to your reception venue. If you are in one location for the whole day, then you will smoothly transition from the ceremony straight into the drinks reception.

Photo By Ross Hurley Photography

So lets first of all go over the structure........

The drinks reception follows on from the ceremony as I’ve just mentioned. You will then have photographs with your photographer. Whether they are split between locations (if you're at 2 different locations) or all at one place, you are likely to have some couples shots straight after the ceremony. This is a lovely opportunity to be just the 2 of you (and your photographer obviously), before mingling with the rest of your guests. It doesn't take longer than 30 minutes usually. Then you will likely move on to meet and mingle with your guests. If you want some set up group shots, then these would happen next. It's a good idea to get your bridesmaids and ushers involved here by giving them the shot list. They are likely to know the majority of the guests between them and can help with getting the right people for each photo on the list.

Photo By Ross Hurley Photography