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Lauren Goodman Wedding Business Mentor
Lauren Goodman Wedding Pro Workshop




Helping: Wedding Planners & Industry professionals


save time, hone your skills, become more productive, and avoid burnout!

Have your business work for you 

If you're a
Female Wedding Pro,

you're in the right place!

You're ready to level up your business game, am I right?

I'm Lauren and over the course of  7 years, I have built a successful wedding planning business, growing a team and becoming a go-to wedding planning expert. Being featured in the likes of, Martha Stweart Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, Hello Magazine, News Week, Wedding Ideas Magazine, Ideal Home, Stylist and more.

Since starting my business I've had 2 children and been diagnosed with ADHD and set up a sister company Bride Academy.

There have been times when this has felt a lot but I have created so many systems and processes to help me manage to continue spinning most of the plates (maybe not the housework one), and grow a successful business, which has had people reaching out time and time again for advice on how I've done it.

It's now a time when I want to share my knowledge and help others grow successful businesses that work for them.

Lauren Goodman Wedding Business Mentor

I provide my mentoring clients with my knowledge and experience.

Encourage and inspire you to build your brand so that it works for you, not against you. So that you feel in control of your enquiries, how you manage your time, set your goals, and market to your audience in a time-efficient way without the overwhelm.


We focus on finding ways that suit you, fit with your time limitations and the goals that you have set yourself. So that you can get maximum impact from your business without feeling overwhelmed and wasting time.

My Expertise lies in the following areas:


Productivity & Systems - stop wasting time and feeling overwhelmed or burnt out and learn my tools to be more productive in your business as well as with your content creation and strategy

Passive Income - I've grown a successful YouTube channel that pulls in a large quantity of my business and adds an additional x2 passive incomes to my business. What can you add to avoid being a crucial cog in your service based business and find more balance.

Ideal Client and Brand Identity - I am so passionate about helping others really nail this so they can grow their businesses successfully. Without knowing these key factors you're throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping it will stick!

Wedding Planning - Educating Wedding Planners specifically to hone their skills to run a successful wedding planning business

Bluebird Creative Wedding Business Workshop

1:1 Coaching


Work with me 1:1 to level up, get more productive, get clarity and grow your business in the right direction


Why not work with us on a shoot?

Get our creative direction and understanding of your brand and create the content you need to show up on social media.

To discuss options, let's get a call in

Lauren Goodman Business Speaker

Guest Speaking / Collaborations

We love collaborating with brands that we feel passionately about. If you are looking for someone to collaborate with on some of your brand marketing and think we could be a good fit, let's chat!


Bluebird Creating Wedding Business Workshop


Love to connect and learn in real life?

So do we!

Check Out Our Workshops


Think I could be the right coach for you?

Get to know me and my story in more depth.

Check out Epsidoe 1 for my story, or binge all the episodes


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