Wedding Websites & What to Put on Them

So what should you NOT do and what SHOULD you do, when it comes to wedding websites?

Well I'm going to share with you 8 top tips on how to use them!

I also signed up to the wedding website JOY to give you an insight on how easy it is to use and how best to use it so check out my Youtube video below to watch me go inside this website in more detail.

Which Wedding Website is Right for Me?

Firstly you need to decide whether a wedding website is right for you, as you may prefer to have traditional invites sent to guests. However a wedding website is a cost effective way to help save you money and does exactly the same as an invite and even a little bit more!

There are a few specific wedding website sites that you can use including Joy, Minted and The Knot, these have loads of templates to help create your website and you can personalise these with different fonts, styles and colours making it super simple to use and easy to create!

Or if your tech savvy you could look at creating your own website from scratch using Wix or SquareSpace however this may cost slightly more and why make life more complicated if it doesn't have to be!

What Do I Need to Include On My Wedding Website?

1. Story