Managing Social Media at Your Wedding

So when it comes to social media at weddings there is definitely a 50/50 divide as to where couples sit.

You have couples that really want an intimate wedding, no phones and all the attention on the day itself and their love, then you have the couples that really don't mind everyone capturing the experience and love, to share with everyone.

So what can you do to manage social media at your wedding depending on which side of the fence you sit?

1. Firstly decide which side of the fence you are on!

Kind of an obvious first point I guess, but you need to decide how you feel about it. Are you happy for people to snap away or not? Do you want people adding photos to their social media on the day or do they need to wait? Have a think about where you sit.

2. How 'unplugged' do you want your wedding?

So you may decide that you don't want people taking photos at your ceremony. But are happy for them to snap away throughout the rest of the day? If you want an unplugged ceremony, you can leave your photographer to take those special photos. some people choose to do this as guests can sometimes ruin photographers shots by leaning into the aisle to try and get photos of the bride and groom and therefore blocking the photographers view or shot.

3. How to tell you guests?

So if you have decided to allow guests to take their own photos throughout the day, you probably don't need to announce that. However if you want some restrictions, you need to make sure that your guests are aware of them!

If it is just the ceremony, then having a sign at the entrance explaining that you are having an unplugged ceremony is always a good idea. It is also worth having your ushers inform your guests as they make their way in to take their seats.

If you decide on a completely unplugged wedding, then this is probably better explained to guests prior to the wedding. So adding a note in your wedding invites would work well as well as having a sign on the day itself as well.