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2024 Wedding Trends

Whether you’re a trend led bride or just in need of a little inspiration, it’s finally here!  My carefully curated list of incredible Wedding trends that are set to be HUGE in 2024, so for all you 2024 Bride to be’s settle in, because this is your year (and we've got a lot to get through)

We’re going to jump right in, because when I tell you there are a lot I really do mean it! 


1. Let’s hear it for the Girls!


Growing increasingly popular over the last year are Brides giving fantastic speeches on their Wedding days. Brides are ditching the traditional pattern of Best Man, Groom & Father of the Bride for a fresh, modern take! We’ve even witnessed some incredible Maids of Honours stand up and address the crowd too! It’s giving Girl Power and we are absolutely here for it! My one top tip, as I’ve said before is to try and keep speeches within a 30 minute period - that’s the sweet spot).

Jo Bradbury

Wedding Breakfast Wine-no’s!


We’re noticing the rise of beautiful blush coloured Rosé and crisp Sauvignon on the Wedding Breakfast tables in favour of Red Wine. Couples are throwing out the rule book when it comes to what to serve with their food and its the Malbec that seems to be taking the back seat!

Champagne Towers


Right don’t tell anyone but this is my absolute favourite trend, you will have seen it blow up in 2023 but I’m here to tell you it’s going nowhere! Free flowing ice cold champagne, beautiful arrangement of fancy coupes stacked high and lets face it, an absolutely EPIC photo opportunity! Whats not to love??Whether you choose to replace the cake cutting moment or do it as well as (we vote this!) we’re here to tell you to go for it - you won’t regret it. Have a fabulous song playing in the background and get your guests to surround you whilst pouring! You can thank us later . .


Cocktail Towers


As above but with an Espresso Martini? Yes please! Choose from his & hers cocktails or ask your barman to custom create one for your big day! These can be pre done and stacked so that guests can help themselves - or for a fun twist keep the highest two remaining glasses empty for you and your partner to shake and pour!

Darian Shantay


Cake Meadows


The prettiest way to display your Wedding Cake! You already know I’m the biggest fan of gorgeous flower displays so why not create one around your cake? This can range from a big and bushy wildflower display to bud vases surrounding the base of the cake, it looks incredible in the photos and in our opinion the more flowers the better!


Private Cake Cutting


Any couple knows that the number one advice on your Wedding Day is to try and get some time together just the two of you! Wouldn’t it be so romantic to have a private cake cutting moment with no one else in the room except just the two of you (ok maybe the photographer!).  The tradition of a Wedding Cake is that cutting a slice is the first task you both do as a married couple - so ditch the audience, close the doors and make it special!

Anneli Marinovich


Live Entertainment


2023 Weddings have set the tone for 2024 in that couples are wanting to bring more of a party vibe to their day! We’re talking dancing on chairs, singing during courses (take to the stage Grandma) and a more interactive guest experience through music and performance. Top Tip, spare a thought for your caterers and their timings.

Jasmine Andrews

Confetti Canon First Dances


Following on from the party vibes, we’re going to be seeing a huge rise in Confetti Canons over the next year. Bonus points to your DJ who can time it to when the beat drops perfectly or when you take to the dance floor to have your first dance. Why stop at one confetti shot during your day when you can have two?!

Jo Bradbury

Film Photography


This trend has been creeping in over the last couple of years and we’re here to confirm that film is certainly a big trend for 2024! It’s such a beautiful, nostalgic style of photography, especially for those couples that want editorial / contemporary photos. An unintentional blur can sometimes create the most stunning image and we love working with photographers who can offer this as part of their package!


Black Tie Dress Code


Timeless, smart and lets be honest, really sexy! We’re seeing more black tie Weddings popping up more and more recently and I have to say that it gets a big thumbs up from me. It’s a fabulous alternative for the men who are used to wearing suits on a day to day basis but not only that, the women get to go all out too! It brings full on glitz and glamour to your day and looks extra special in black and white photos.

Guest Colour Palette


This trend is particularly popular over in America but is slowly making its way over to the UK! Don’t be put off in requesting a dress code, it can make for incredible photos and a fun theme to add to your day.  It doesn’t have to be a strict top to toe colour palette but bringing in accents of colour to your outfit is really fun!  Top Tip get the dress code on the invite so that there is no confusion, an example of this could be ‘Pink Encouraged’!

Jo Bradbury

Outfit Change


This is one for the indecisive brides who spent months and months struggling to say ‘yes to the dress’ well I’m telling you to say yes to TWO dresses!  Whether its something shorter so that you dance in, something looser so that you can eat in or just another beautiful outfit that you couldn’t decide between, we love an outfit change, especially right before your first dance to create a special moment.  

Joshua Gooding

Message In a Bottle


A personal favourite of mine having done this at my Wedding 9 years ago! You choose a bottle (be it wine, gin, tequila whatever your preference) and leave blank notes for the guests to write their messages on that is then popped inside and opened on your 1st Anniversary! It’s a lovely keepsake and something to look forward to in a years time! You may find heartfelt messages from loved ones or crude jokes from the groomsmen, it’s a total surprise and we love that the couple has that to look forward to one year later.

Colour Pop!


You may have worked it out by now but I love a colour clash, particularly orange and pink so I’m looking forward to lots of Weddings next year that incorporate bright pops of colour! I’m not here to tell you one particular colour is going to be big for 2024 but colour pop is definitely happening, choosing a selection of beautiful bright colours to add some personality and individuality to your day can be a really beautiful alternative to the pastels that we have seen over the past decade or so.

Fun table plan displays!


When it comes to table plan displays it doesn’t just have to be a foamex board with the tables and names placed on an easel - not that there is anything wrong with that but I love a personalised table display. It’s a chance to get creative, have some fun, think outside the box and create something beautiful.  It’s probably my favourite design element of wedding planning and creates a wonderful talking point amongst your guests!

Jo Bradbury

Patterned Table Linen


An interiors lover heaven, patterned tablecloths and napkins are increasingly becoming more popular as part of your wedding table scape. This trend is slowly trickling into the Wedding industry as a playful way to bring some individuality to your day. Whether it be fun, vibrant & energetic or soft, elegant and classic we envision this trend to blow up next year and continue into 2025 for the modern couple looking for a contemporary twist.


Shape & Texture


We’re referring to signage and stationary with this one before you get confused! Arches have and are continuing to have their moment when it comes to beautiful welcome signs, table plans and stationary but we are noticing some alternative shapes and texture peep through in the form of wiggly edges, curvature and alternative shapes. Have a play with place names, menus or even your invites and explore the many options you have when it comes to stationary!

Examples of this can be found here in our trends booklet.




Taking inspiration from the interiors industry again are lamps, think cordless, LED or miniature! I love this design element of your day and just think it’s a really cool idea to bring some ambience and texture! A few venues can be quite strict when it comes to open flames too so this is a fabulous alternative! They can be on theme with your colour palette, a focal point amongst the table displays or even used in the evening to create some moody, dramatic lighting.


Napkin Waving!


Now I know, this isn’t anything new but this trend continues to grow and grow in popularity! It brings a fabulous energy to the room once your toastmaster has introduced you both to your guests too! Hit play to your favourite song and make the most of this once in a lifetime entrance as a newly married couple, it truly is so much fun and I’d say is the beginning of getting the party started!!

Jasmine Andrews

and there you have it! My extensive 2024 trend prediction list! It's going to be such a fun year of Weddings and I cannot wait to see some of these trends incorporated into your big day! Please do not feel obligated to follow any of these but I hope to those that have been waiting for it, you find it helpful! Ultimately, 2024 is the year of bringing the party vibes to your Wedding Day! For further inspo please download my free booklet, linked below!


Happy Planning!


Lauren xx

Enjoyed this but still would like more? Download our Trends Booklet to always have it on hand.



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