10 Hacks Every Bride Should Do On Their Wedding Day

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

You may be thinking, what if i'm so caught up in everything that has to happen on the day, what if I can't relax and enjoy myself, what if something goes wrong..........let me stop your right there!

Your wedding day will be the best day of your life, but I've got some little wedding hacks for you to ensure you have peace of mind and to make sure you can enjoy yourself to the max!

Eat Breakfast

Start your day right! Line your stomach and make sure you have eaten. If you are worried about your dress, it is still vital you eat. You have a long and extremely exciting day ahead and you want to feel your best. So make sure you have eaten before the day really begins, because it will be a long gap until you eat again!

Allow Time in The Morning

Make sure you have allowed enough time in the morning to not only eat, but to get yourself and your bridal party ready and over to your venue. Remember if it is a civil ceremony you need to allow time to meet with your registrar as well. I advice being in your dress and ready 30 minutes before you have to leave or 30 minutes before the ceremony if you are getting ready at your venue. By giving yourself enough time in the morning you can really enjoy the morning with your bridal party.