UK Wedding Traditions and Etiquette

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Right, wedding traditions and wedding etiquette, where do you even start? Do you have to do them?

Let's dive in so you have more clarity on there is and what's right for you!

So I'm going to go through this in order of occurrence from the beginning of the wedding planning, through to the end of the wedding day.

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Let's just jump straight to it, with the most awkward one shall we?! Us Brits don't like talking money, that seems to be a bit of a tradition in itself!

But that awkward conversation needs to be had at the start of your wedding planning to allow you to work out your total budget! If family members wish to pay or contribute to your wedding you need to know.

Traditionally the father of the bride (FOB) paid for the whole wedding, but that is a tradition which I think only happens about 50% of the time nowadays. It is now more common for the couple to put in the biggest contribution to the day and both sets of parents are likely to contribute as well.

The tradition here is that the FOB 'gives his daughter away' to her new family. That is why the brides family traditionally paid for the wedding as they celebrate that.