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What Do Ushers Do On A Wedding Day

So I have experienced both, some amazing totally on it groomsmen and then some absolutely useless groomsmen (sorry guys!).

So let's breakdown their roles and responsibilities so you have the best groomsmen you could possible have!

Groomsmen can make such a difference to the flow of your wedding day, they can also be really helpful to a wedding planner as they'll be another point of contact for them that isn't yourself or the groom, and the likelihood is is that they'll know most of the guests as well. But if you're not having a wedding planner or coordinator onsite then really utilise them so that they can help you on your big day!

Morning of The Wedding

The first major role of the groomsmen is to make sure the groom arrives on time, now that's not to patronise the groom he might be cool as a cucumber but some grooms can get a little overwhelmed on the day without realising.

So having that close team around the groom in the morning to help settle those anxious or nervous feelings and make sure he's done what he needs to do and at the ceremony venue on time is going to make a huge difference to his stress levels.

Before The Ceremony

The ceremony is where your groomsmen are particularly important, after that they don't really serve many more roles so it's mainly the ceremony.

So this is the first point where your guests are arriving onsite, they don't really know what's happening and where they're going so, this is where you really want your groomsmen to know the plan!

Get your groomsmen to greet your guests, welcome them into the ceremony space, tell them they can take their seats, point them in the direction of the card or gift table and know where the toilets are.

The next part of seating guests for the ceremony, and this is where I heavily rely on the groomsmen, is usually you will have a couple of rows reserved at the front for bridesmaids, groomsmen and immediate family of the bride and groom. Your groomsmen should or will know who your immediate family is and can help guide them to sit in the reserved seating, they can also ask anyone who may of sat there who shouldn't have to kindly move.

As this stage as a wedding planner I would be making sure everything else is happening as it should and be ready to meet the bride, I also don't know who the bride and grooms immediate family is as this will be the first time I'll be meeting them! So having your groomsmen take on this responsibility is vital!

After The Ceremony

Once the ceremony has finished, all your guests are going to exit the ceremony area and most likely go into a confetti shot, this is another point where your groomsmen can really help out!

Hopefully the person leading your ceremony will announce that there will be a confetti shot and the location of it. If you're allowed confetti thrown when walking back up the aisle then you would have had confetti parcels on the chairs and the person leading the ceremony will announce that for you.

If you are having a confetti shot outside your groomsmen (and bridesmaids) can be on hand to help line everyone up or get them in the best position for the confetti shot, the photographer will also step in here to help as well as your wedding coordinator if you have one. They can also be in charge of giving out confetti and advise guests to throw confetti UP not AT the bride and groom to get that perfect confetti shot for you!

If you're not having a confetti shot after the ceremony then the groomsmen can help to move guests through into the drinks reception location.


If your drinks reception is in a different location to your ceremony and you've organised transport for guests then this is where your groomsmen can really step up and help out!

Again, if you don't have a wedding coordinator onsite then give them the responsibility to make sure your transport has arrived is key. They then need to make sure that all guests have got onto the transport and that they're giving the guests any refreshments if that's been organised.

Group Photos

The next area where groomsmen can really help out is with group photos, just like with the ceremony reserved seating they are most likely to know who the guests are that are needed for group photos. It makes this process quicker and more personal rather than having your photographer and/or wedding coordinator just calling out names.

This also helps your wedding coordinator as they can then make everything else is happening as it should, doing any turnarounds or repurposing from the ceremony and making sure the wedding breakfast area is ready.


A couple of extra things your groomsmen can help with is pointing people in the right direction of the card box or gift table and then depending on your wedding set up the moving of chairs.

You might be having the same set of chairs for your ceremony and the wedding breakfast tables and if you don't have a wedding coordinator onsite or a helpful catering team then they might just need to help out quickly and get those chairs moved at the start of the drinks reception, hopefully with a few groomsmen that shouldn't take too long!

So there you go guys some useful groomsmen duties that you might want to consider. Giving your groomsmen clear roles and responsibilities can really help you guys out, trust me!

If you feel like you need someone to help coordinate your wedding day and keep your groomsmen in check(!) then get in touch as this is what we specialise in!!

Happy planning

Lauren xx


Photos by. Joshua Gooding


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