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The Different Social Media Platforms and Their Purposes - The Content Collective Podcast

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

S4 Episode 3: The different social media platforms and their purposes / how we are using them.



Lots of juicy gems and nuggets of wisdom for you in this episode. We're talking about Instagram, TikTok and YouTube the beasts of the social media world. Understanding what each individual platform is used for, in terms of what content that particular audience wants to see, is vital to succeeding. These three platforms are all about entertaining, educating, inspiring and selling, they are different platforms that have completely different purposes but they can all work together in harmony to help your brand strategy.

[0:53] - Intro

Let me tell you what this episode is all about!

[1:39] - Not One Size Fits All

When it comes to social media we all know it's a beast and sadly it doesn't work just being on one platform anymore and it's all down to our audience. Let me talk you through 3 different social media platforms and what they're all about.

[7:17] - Social Media Pillars

Find out what each platform specialises in to help your business and your brand strategy.

[9:07] - Instagram

In my opinion Instagram is the platform to build connections, build your own community and show off your personality so lean into that.

[10:42] - TikTok

A very different audience on Tiktok it's all about entertain, educate and sell and it gives you the potential to go viral.

[12:33] - YouTube

I bloody love YouTube, it helped to build my business. It's all about educating the audience.

Find out why I love it and how it can help you.

[16:05] - Rules & Regs

Repurposing is extremely helpful when moving across these three different platforms but you've got to make sure they fit the rules and regs of each individual platform to be a successful post.

[19:27] - Revenue

So which of these can earn you revenue, thats the other vital question as content creation is usually just a side of the business that you need to do to help boost sales.

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