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Pinterest Tips we all need to know with Natalia of Push - The Content Collective

S4 Episode 12: Pinterest Tips we all need to know with Natalie of Push



It's the last episode of season four! I can't quite believe it myself!

What a treat I have in store, I'm speaking with Natalia from Push all about a topic even I wish I knew more about and that is the search engine Pinterest! Natalia gives us her tips and trick for success on the platform and it may even be one of the easiest platforms to succeed on, it's all about posting a powerful meaningful creative post at exactly the right time!

Natalia has a wealth of experience in marketing, PPC strategy and is at the cutting edge of social media and how to utilise paid social media advertising to boost online branding and sales. She leads the paid social team across multiple channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Snapchat.

[0:53] - Intro

A little intro into our guest Natalia from Push, we hope to pick her brains about Pinterest. Find out more about her experience and Push.

[5:07] - Bases of Pinterest

Let's start with the basics of Pinterest, I ask Natalia to explain what it is and what it's best used for.

[11:17] - Gaining Customers from Pinterest

Natalia tells us how we can utilise creative posts on Pinterest to make sure we are gaining traction and customers with clear branding, a clear message and a clear call to action button.

[16:38] - Types of Posts

There are lots of different types of posts on Pinterest so Natalia explains to us what they are, what they're used for and what's best to use for what.

[20:41] - Linking Blogs

Is it worth linking blogs to Pinterest posts? Natalia gives us an example of a brand that uses blogs to help boost they're sales by inspiring people with a how to guide first.

[22:53] - Where to Start Organically

With our listeners at the early stages of their business we discuss where is best to start on Pinterest to grow organically.

[29:06] - Paid vs Organic

Natalia tells us the difference between paid advertising vs organic advertising and why it's best to use both.

[32:40] - When to Post

Natalia gives us her strategy tips for posting on Pinterest and it's basically when you have something powerful to say and planning a couple of months ahead!

[36:19] - Top Three Tips

The most important top three tips that Natalia thinks you need for starting out on Pinterest.

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Happy listening!

Lauren xx


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