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Website Audits

Don't let your ideal client or brand identity work go to waste! Imagine landing your dream clients because your website is calling out to them!


As a wedding planner, I love Instagram, but clients tend to find me first on google. We are their first port of call. When they land on my website, I want them to be jumping up and down saying, yes, please! But to do that my website has to fully align with the brand I'm creating and the clients I want to work with.


If you want the same, then let's make sure that your website is in full alignment with an audit!


How it works:


  • You'll be sent our in-depth questionnaire to fill in your full ideal client and brand identity information. We need this to fully understand who you want to be attracting and what your business is about.
  • We'll then fully analyse your website and feedback in a personalised document with actionable steps to ensure that your ideal client and brand are talking to the right people and that you don't end up attracting clients that don't fit your business model!
  • We'll include a screen recording and video to talk through some of the feedback to ensure it's clear and you get the best from our advice.
  • All feedback recieved within 14 days of booking


Make your website work for you, not against you and start landing those dream clients


Website Audits

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