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Becoming an influencer and collaborating with brands with Nourishing Amy - The Content Collective

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

S4 Episode 10: Becoming an influencer and collaborating with brands with Nourishing Amy



This podcast episode is wonderful and wholesome, an insight into the world of foodie influencers. I speak with Amy from Nourishing Amy about how she became an influencer through her movement into veganism and how she's built an entire business from it. We talk about building a business that isn't solely on social media, how to collaborate with brands and how she came to launching her first ever cookbook in January this year!

[0:53] - Intro

A little intro into Nourishing Amy and what her business is all about.

[2:14] - Becoming Vegan

Listen to Amy's story about how she became vegan, how it was a slow process that ultimately snowballed from trying new things at university and following the latest trends.

[4:54] - Sharing Online

Amy then made the decision to start sharing her vegan journey online starting with the then new social media platform that is now Instagram. She then tells us how she uses this platform to build her business.

[11:35] - Growing the Business Off Instagram

If Instagram went down tomorrow where would a lot of businesses be and Amy tells us more about this with her business and dives into how her business makes her money.

[15:07] - Writing Her Own Cook Book

Amy tells us all about her pinch me moment of seeing her cookbook next to Mary Berry and Jamie Oliver. We dive a bit more into what's in her book and how she came to writing it.

[22:00] - Brand Collaborations

Starting brand collaborations was a daunting prospect for Amy as it's not really spoken about openly, she tells us about how T&C's are so important and that you do have to make some mistakes to learn what not to do next time.

[25:53] - Moving into Video

Amy tells us how she did resist moving into video content but learnt to create videos in her own style.

[28:39] - Business Challenges & Advice

Listen to Amy's bumps in the road on her business journey and how she overcomes these. She also gives us her advice on the best way to reach out to brands for collaborations.

[37:43] - 2023 for Nourishing Amy

Amy tells us everything that's happening in 2023 for her and her business.

[43:20] - Three Fundamentals

Amy tells us what her three fundamentals are to her business and these include: passion, technology and her family.

[44:54] - What is Entrepreneurship to You

Listen to Amy's answer to the question we ask all our guest speakers on the pod!

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