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The Full Wedding Planners Bundle

Picture this...


As a wedding planner, you are given the holy grail for producing a full wedding planning service.


No more guessing what the best process is, with coating info, what info your clients needs and how to manage all your data.


Well, I'm now giving you all the documents we use in our business to kickstart your wedding planning business.


I want you to be able to produce high-standard weddings and gift your clients an incredible experience from the get-go.


This bundle includes:


⚡️Full production sheet

⚡️ 5 onboarding email swipe files for a smooth onboarding process

⚡️ Client checklist

⚡️ Onboarding questionnaire

⚡️ Design questionnaire

⚡️ Our Canva design book template

⚡️ Supplier sheet

⚡️ Timeline template

⚡️ Guest management sheet

⚡️ Budget doc with formulas included

⚡️ office policy doc


Level up your client experience and start making your life a little bit easier!

The Full Wedding Planners Bundle

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