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The Content Collective Podcast - Being A Multi Passionate Entrepreneur

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Episode 10 : Being A Multi Passionate Entrepreneur



Quick question: Are you a multi passionate entrepreneur?

Are you asking yourself what is this, is this a thing, is this maybe what I am? Well I've been hearing this term a lot recently and you know what I am different one. So I'm digging deeper into this term to explain to you want is it and whether it works for a business.

[0:00] - Intro

Find out what this podcast is all about and where I started hearing this new term, can you really be multi passionate as an entrepreneur? It's also the last episode of series one guys!

[3:21] - What does being a multi passionate entrepreneur mean?

Understand what this means as it might even relate to you and your business. I truly was the pinnacle of this term during lockdown for my business to survive.

[5:09] - How does it work?

We're all told to niche down in our business but you need to niche down depending on what you are doing, that way you can still add strings to your bow, listen for more of an explanation.

[8:00] - How can it work for my brand?

You have to have focus and remember your different passions will have to happen in stages and they can take time, otherwise you'll be all over the place.

[14:15] - Purpose

The purpose of this podcast and that it's okay to have different passions and why I think the term multi passionate entrepreneur should be used more.

[17:57] - Thank you

Thank you to everyone that has listened to series one, I'll be back with series two in the new year!



Things to Do

The Book My Husband Read

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Lauren xx


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