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The Content Collective Podcast - Let Me Introduce Myself

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Episode 1 : Let Me Introduce Myself



So this is super exciting! It's finally happened I have launched my very own Podcast(!) - The Content Collective.

The Content Collective aims to help you turn your passion to profit, teaching you how to style your brand visible. We will tackle everything from pivoting in your career and following your passion, how to show up when the odds feel stacked against you, how to nail that social media strategy and literally everything in between.

You can listen to episode 1 now, it's a little introduction about me and how I got to where I am now. It's also explains what The Content Collective will discuss over the next 12 weeks including making the jump into entrepreneurship, your mindset whilst being an entrepreneur, how to market your business on social media and your wellbeing when running your own business.

The podcast is going to be a combination of solo shows and guest speakers, I'm on a mission to inspire female entrepreneurs and give them the right tools to live a passionate life! I want you to be doing what you love and what lights you up, to help you achieve those goals for you to live the life you actually want!

  • [1.01] - Introduction and insight into The Content Collective Podcast A little bit on who I am and what this podcast is all about, what you can expect to hear over the next 12 weeks and who this podcast is aimed at.

  • [4.10] - Who I Am and My Journey Understand who I am and what I've got to say. You'll learn about my life and how I got to where I am today, including how I became British Ice Skating Champion!

  • [9.26] - Where my career really started How I went from a professional ice skating coach to owning my own dance school

  • [13.41] - Setting a new path Becoming a mum I knew I had to find a new path in my career to be able to be present with my kids and that's where the thought of wedding planning came back!

  • [15.46] - Starting my own business, Bluebird Creative Taking my first steps into my own business whilst pregnant with my second was daunting and a struggle to begin with but it made me rethink my audience and my overall business plan.

  • [18.45] - My business during the pandemic Obviously weddings were hit hard during the pandemic with work just stopping, so here's how I survived through it, I pivoted the business and now am on a path that I'm so excited about, empowering couples to plan their own weddings, styling consultation for brands and business mentoring!

  • [24.10] - Starting this podcast Teaching businesses how to grow and how to maximise their social media strategy is how I've come to starting this podcast, it's a dream to see all that work turn into profit and I want to help more businesses!

So guys, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and sign up to my newsletter to know when the latest podcast lands and to leave your reviews, we've got some amazing discussions lined up for Series One of The Content Collective.

If you're not already, come and join me over on Instagram, where you get to see the real raw me and what I get up to on a day to day basis.

Happy listening!

Lauren xx


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