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Should I Have a Micro Wedding?

Well... 2021 may be looking (sadly) a lot like 2020 so you may be thinking should I have a micro wedding if I already postponed my wedding from 2020 to 2021 and can't bare to wait until 2022!!!

But firstly you may be asking what is a micro wedding? In simple terms it's just like any other wedding but with less guests, usually 15-20 guests. Check out my previous blog post on how to switch to a micro wedding or watch my Youtube video on this.

There's still a lot of unknown about weddings for 2021 at the point in time of writing this blog however I'm hopeful that micro weddings will be able to happen and will be considered as an option for the foreseeable future.

Micro weddings do NOT need to be micro in terms of style, in terms of detail, in terms of everything! They do not need to be stripped back just because there's less people attending.

So let's look at the pros and cons of a micro wedding for you to then decide whether you should have a micro wedding.

'Micro weddings do NOT need to be micro'


Let's dive in with the positives!

Your budget will stretch further!

You may not have had a big budget to start with so having less people will work in your favour. If you did have a big budget and you're still willing to spend it, it means you can make it work for you so much more and really go to town!

Having less guests means that you are able to A) have a smaller venue which in theory should save you money and B) spend less on catering as there will be less people to feed. This means that more of your budget can either be spent on florals such as beautiful hanging installations or incredible flower arches, styling including layered charger plates and cut crystal glassware, more thought into gifting personalised favours for guests to really treasure or to splash out on a more luxurious menu and fine wine. Having that extra money to really spend on the finer things you dreamed of.

Intimate & Personal

You get to spend the most incredible day of your life with those closest and most special to the both of you without the fear of forgetting or guilt of not inviting someone.

Save money!

You may just wish to keep everything exactly how you had planned but for less people and that's absolutely fine! Which means you'll save money!


Let's keep this balanced with the cons...

Guest numbers

You cannot have all your friends and family together, however you may only have a small family and close group of friends, but if you want a massive party vibe for your wedding day then a micro wedding probably isn't right for you.

Supplier minimum spends

Some suppliers may have minimum amounts that you need to spend with them for them to work with you. If their minimum spends are too high for your budget then you may need to find another supplier or see if your budget could reach that. However saying that most companies at this moment in time are being more flexible but make sure you do your research!

Top Tip: Brick and mortar florists are less likely to have minimum spends than event and wedding florists as they will stock flowers rather than ordering them in especially.


You may have set your sights on a traditional manor house or venue thats historic and beautiful but these can be big and grand and therefore may require a minimum number of guests to host a wedding, however they may have a space to host smaller guest numbers so always check and investigate your options!

Essentially it comes down to what's important to you.

So should you have a micro wedding? Ultimately it's your call, it's a difficult decision but whatever choice you decide will be right for you!

Lauren xx


Photography by: 1 & 2. Mindy Coe Photography

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