Switching To A Micro Wedding

The micro wedding......... not something I would have thought I would be writing about.

But then I didn't see what half of 2020 has been throwing at us, so there you have it and here we are!

Now there's a few angles I could come at this. You may be wanting a micro wedding and that may have been your plan all along. If that's the case I love that, but in this blog I'm going to focus more on switching your planned larger wedding, to a micro wedding.

I have had many brides reach out in the last few days to request this blog post and topic. With the government guidelines having just changed to a 15 guest wedding again for the next 6 months, it has sent a ripple of panic across all brides from now until Spring 2021.

Now I'll be honest, I've had a wobble and a little wallow. This is a tough time and my little corner of the wedding industry is clinging on and trying to withstand the beating we are getting. But I've had time to reflect and find my stride again. I'm feeling positive. I think this 6 month time frame is a very rough time frame. I feel it more likely buys the government time. It gives time to find a vaccine and most importantly it gives us a little roadmap and something to work on, because not knowing what was going to happen a week ahead, was pretty damn stressful! So for that I am grateful. I can create a 6 month plan for my business and for my couples.

Now I'll be honest, I've had a wobble and a little wallow

So what I want to say before I dive into this topic is..... use this as a plan! A back up and an option. So that if it does become a reality, you know what to do, you've got ideas and you won't have a crippling overwhelm take over! Being prepared is the best form of defence.

If you are supposed to get married in the next 6 months and plan to continue with that plan under the new guidelines, then this all still applies, but it is your reality, so let's make it bloody epic!


So let's assume you have a wedding date booked for more than 80 guests and now you are looking at how to switch your planned wedding to just 15 guests. But still want to have the celebration you planned.. but at a later date.

Here's what I think....

Firstly speak to your venue. The likelihood is you booked a beautiful venue to host a larger number of guests and you might be worried that it won't have the same vibe with a small amount of guests. See if you are able to postpone your wedding. The wedding that you have already planned. See if there's a possibility of postponing it to the same date a year later and look at booking a celebrant for the day. You can renew your vows and have the ceremony and reception as planned.