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My Trolling Experience and Why I Think Ideal Client is Everything! - The Content Collective Podcast

S4 Episode 5: My trolling experience and why I think ideal client is everything!



As we put ourselves more and more out there on social media we're always worried that one day the keyboard warriors are going to come for us and I recently had my first experience of trolling and I have to be honest and say it was horrific. From this experience it's really made me realise just how important your ideal client is, it is vital to know who you want to work with and marketing to them, speaking directly to them and not just shouting out into the ether and hoping the right person will find you. Even if you know your ideal client go back and re-evaluate time and time again!

If you market to everyone, you market to no-one.

[0:53] - Intro

We're starting off with a little story about a recent experience that has led to this podcast topic

[6:40] - Knowing Your Ideal Client

It's all about attracting the right audience and clientele for your brand and marketing the right content for them. We don't want to be attracting people that can't afford the product or service and that don't value what that product or service is.

[12:32] - Ideal Client Work

I know it may be boring and tedious work but working out who your ideal client is really is vital to any business, like I say you have no business without the right customers. There are two ways to do this so listen to find out more.

[16:25] - Mentoring Programme

I talk about what I involve in my mentoring programme and it gives me so much joy watching my clients have those lightbulb moments especially when it comes to knowing their ideal client.

[17:44] - Final Say

This topic wasn't planned for this series but after my recent experience it just felt right to have this conversation with you. Even if you know your ideal client go back and re-evaluate!

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