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Creating Video, Why video is king and starting a pandemic business- The Content Collective Podcast

Episode 10 : With Guest Phoebe From Edits By PS



This week's guest Phoebe is one half of a pandemic born business, that has risen to success from using Instagram. Now having worked with well-known brands and influencers such as Pret, Alice Living, Leon and Never Fully Dressed. These guys are content creators and they go by the name 'Edits By PS'.

[1:10] - Intro

Introducing this week's guest

[2:12] - How The Business Began

Phoebe explains how her and business partner Saoirse's work came to a halt in the pandemic and how their business 'Edits' was born from trying something new!

[4:45] - Did you have experience?

Phoebe explains how she is self-taught and her willingness to learn and grow as she went.

[7:44) - Let's talk about Kit

Phoebe tells us about the kit they use for creating their content and what other small business owners could be using to create content.

[10:44] - How they've marketed themselves?

We learn about the minimal marketing approach that Edits By PS has taken, but the crucial role that Instagram has played in getting their name out there!

[13:28] - How important is video content?

We talk about how the role of video can play a huge part in business growth.

[16:00] - Video Trends?

We talk about video trends we've seen over the past few months and what we think is coming.

[20:15] - What do you love about what you do?

Phoebe tells us about how she loves the variety and creativity in what she does.

[21:40] - How do you find editing?

Phoebe tells us about her favourite part of the content creation process and her thoughts on editing.

[25:10] - Where are you producing content for?

We talk about the platform the girls create the majority of the content for and also about getting the most out of a piece of content.

[29.28] Top Tips for new businesses

Phoebe talks us through easy ways to create reels right now for small brands and business owners, that don't include dancing!

[35:12] - Getting On Camera

We discuss getting you face on camera

[36:30} - What are the plans for Edits By Ps for 2022?

Phoebe talks us through where they hope to be in 2022

[39:02] - What is entrepreneurship to you?

The all-important question we ask all our guests. Hear Phoebe's answer.


Check Out: Edit By PS on Instagram

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