Answering the Most Googled Wedding Questions

Updated: Apr 5

I mean the questions I have found! I can't begin to tell you!!

So I'm going to look at 7 of the most frequently asked wedding questions that couples are asking our good old friend Google...

What Wedding Dress Suits Me?

Interesting... very interesting to find out this is the most popular question asked and to an internet search engine! I'm sorry to say but I don't think Google can answer this one for you!

This depends on so many things, what styles you like, what suits you and your body shape, your preferences. I would advise staying away from online shopping and visiting your local wedding dress boutiques and speaking to the staff as they can give you the best recommendations for you. From there you can try on a range of different styles and really work out what suits you!

When to Send Wedding Invites?

I have touched on this topic before so check out my full video here or read the blog post but to quickly summarise for you I recommend sending out your wedding invites 3 months before you wedding date. Once you have set the date and booked the wedding venue however, by all means send out your Save the Dates so your guests know to keep that date free!

How Much Does a Wedding Cost?