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Your Wedding Ceremony Timeline

So when it comes to your ceremony, do you actually know how its going to run? I get asked by so many of my brides, but what actually happens in the ceremony!

Well let's get into it shall we!

Let's dive straight in from 30 minutes prior to the wedding ceremony actually starting.........

So the groom has a quick meeting to go over the details with the registrar approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony (the time can vary and your registrar will inform you).

Make sure you have some music being played in the background whilst the ushers are seating guests.The ushers can also be handing out ‘orders of the day’ and confetti boxes ( if these are being used. They should inform guests when and where confetti is being thrown. This may be done after the ceremony if it is occurring after they have walked back down the aisle).

The bride and FOB have a quick meeting to go over the details with the registrar. Usually about 15 minutes before the ceremony.

The MOB takes her seat

The bridal party arrive

An usher informs the musicians or person controlling the playlist that the bridal party are ready

The processional music begins and the bride and bridesmaids enter. Decide in which order you would like this to happen. You can find more info on that HERE

Bride and father of the bride, wedding ceremony
Beautiful Robyn walking down the aisle with her father. Photo by Ross Hurley Photography


Once everyone makes their way down to the front or the alter, depending if this is a civil ceremony of church service, the bouquet is handed to a member of the bridal party and the ceremony commences.

This following is an example of a civil ceremony:

Welcome and introduction

FOB sits with his wife (on the left) after he has the handed bride to the groom

A reading (it must not have any religious connotation) this is optional

Definition of marriage, according to the law

Call for legal impediments to the marriage

-he bride and groom declare that they are free to marry using the declaratory words (compulsory)

The bride is given away (optional)

The marriage is solemnised, using the contracting words (vows) (compulsory)

Exchange of rings (optional) including any additional promises you wish to make to each other

Another reading (optional)

Formal announcement of husband and wife

Signing of the register- you must have 2 witnesses (music is played during this section)


So as you can see, you have the opportunity to personalise your ceremony, which different words, reading and choosing to opt in or out of certain sections.

Once the ceremony is over, the bride and groom will make their way back down the aisle to their chosen recessional music.

bride and groom confetti shot
Beautiful Robyn and Jack after their Farnham Wedding Ceremony. Photography by Ross Hurley photography

The guests may throw confetti back down the aisle, or once the couple have come outside. It may need to be set up with the help of ushers and bridesmaids and ensuring the photographer is also ready. Location will depend on your preference but also the venues rules.

Finally the ushers will direct the guests to the drinks reception ready for the reception to begin.

So that simply is how a ceremony will run. A church service will be longer and will also include gyms and a slightly different format. But this gives you a good idea of what to expect.

I hope you have found this insightful. What part of the ceremony are you most looking forward to?

Lauren x

You can check this out in video format as well HERE



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