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When tragedy can redirect you with Alex Lowin - The Content Collective Podcast

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

S3 Episode 6: When tragedy can redirect you - Going freelance and building a business off line with Alex Lowin



A strange but exciting episode for me, interviewing one of my team members, Alex, who is our marketing manager. It's an inspiring story how a heartbreaking family tragedy was the catalyst to starting her on her freelancing journey. She also talks about how she's building her clientele, the power of networking and communication, her fundamentals for freelance life and what she's working on in 2023.

[0:56] - Intro

An exciting but strange episode today as I'm chatting to one of my Bluebird team members and how she came to becoming a freelancer.

[2:20] - Welcome to Alex

Alex is our marketing manager here at Bluebird but find out how she started out and her heartbreaking story that was the catalyst for her to move into freelance work.

[26:37] - Finding Freelance Work

It's a huge learning curve moving into the freelance world so what should your mindset be and how do you find work alongside your ideal client, Alex tells us more.

[35:35] - Finding Balance

How do you find balance when you're a freelancer, it's all about creating boundaries and this really does that time and practice.

[37:38] - Ideal Clients

Alex tells us how she's niched down and learnt to find her ideal client and you'll be surprised to know that it wasn't by using social media platforms but the old fashioned way of communicating and networking with people.

[51:34] - Three Fundamentals

Listen to Alex's fundamental resources that she can't live without for her business.

[57:17] - Alex's 2023

Honing in on her ideal clients and continuing on that path as well as working on boundaries in freelance life.

[59:46] - What Does Entrepreneurship Mean to Alex

Find out Alex's take on my final question I ask all my guests.


Fundamental Resources

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Happy listening!

Lauren xx

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