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What Your Wedding Guests DO Care About

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

So a few weeks ago I did a YouTube video about what your guests DON'T care about and it went a little bit viral (viral for my little channel anyway!). If you didn't catch it, you can do HERE.

But I thought it was only right to do a post of what your guests DO actually care about on your wedding day!

So I've 4 parts of your day that your guests not only care about, but will no doubt be excited about!


Food is a very big part of your day. Guests will be wondering when they are going to be fed. They will be wondering what they will be fed. Food is a big social point of the day. People want to line their stomachs, because when they are hungry, they are grumpy. Food makes people happy and feel good.


Drink is usually a big one on a wedding day, unless you are having a dry wedding. Drinking is a social activity. It's what people tend to do when they celebrate and it brings people together, relax them and usually brings laughter and fun. Your guests will no doubt look forward to having a drink, celebrating and letting their hair down!


This is a big one. No entertainment, makes you wonder what will we be doing then? Guests love to be entertained. Whether its music, dancing or some fun activities like mini golf. Consider what will not only entertain yourselves but your guests as well!


Finally your guests care about YOU. All of the above things make a good day. But at the end of the day, your guests care about you and what the day stands for! They will be excited to see you get married, they want to be there to celebrate with you, celebrate your love story and what it's all about Everything else are the extras that make the day fun and entertaining.

Lauren xx


Thank you to our wonderful photographers:

Photo 1 and 2: Sophie Duckworth Photography

Photo 3: James Davidson Photography

Photo 4: Mind Coe Photography


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