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Wedding Trends for 2022

Congratulations if you've recently got engaged over the holiday period and you're starting on your wedding planning journey!

This blog is all about the 2022 wedding trends that I predict will be hot this year!

So let's jump straight in!

Bright Colours

The greens, whites, creams and muted wedding tones have had their moment, they've been a classic wedding trend for a long time now so it's really exciting to see more colour and bright colours coming to the fore front of wedding designs! So go wild and be brave to add splashes and pops of colour in your wedding design! Do it!

Weekday Weddings

This year I'm seeing a lot of weekday weddings and I'm so here for it! It may be slightly frustrating for your guests as they'll have to take time off work but I'm sure they'll get over it. If it's a Thursday or Friday then you and they can make it into a long weekend.

There are so many plus points for a weekday wedding the biggest being that your venue hire will probably be considerably cheaper saving you money on your budget, which you can then spend on more fun and exciting things!

Sustainability & Eco Conscious Wedding Design

Now this has been an incoming trend over the last couple of years and I think this year we'll be seeing it even more, especially into the wedding design aspect. We'll be seeing more people hiring items, DIY-ing things, using paper or biodegradable materials, hiring plants instead of cut flowers, just little tweaks to their wedding design to be slightly more eco conscious.

This trend is only going to grow year after year to make the wedding industry more and more environmentally friendly.

Dried Flowers

I spoke about this as a trend in 2021 but again I think this trend is going to grow into 2022 as we see it more and more in wedding designs. I love this trend I'm all for dried flowers! You can add pops of colour to them and they should last forever (if looked after properly) so you can keep them after the wedding day or even gift them as favours afterwards!

I have even done a whole Youtube video on Dried Styles so check that out if you want to know more about how to incorporate it into your design.

Celebrant Led Weddings

Since the pandemic and the restrictions on weddings we have seen the '2nd' wedding boom with celebrant led ceremonies and I think people have realised just how amazing celebrant led ceremonies are. I never realised how amazing celebrant led ceremonies were to be truthfully honest and I want to see more of them!

You will still obviously need to do the legal civil ceremony but using a celebrant for your big celebration wedding day is so much more personal. They find out about you and your partner and share your love story which is so much more emotional.

I spoke to Nat Raybould, who is an amazing celebrant, and how they can make your wedding ceremony more personal so if you want to know more, check it out here!

Mis Matched Bridesmaids Dresses

This is not a new trend but definitely a growing trend and I don't think we're going to see it go away. Why, you may ask. Well everybody likes choice and everyone's body shape and size is different, so give your bridesmaids the opportunity to chose what they want to wear so that they can feel comfortable, confident and beautiful on your wedding day too, rather than being made to wear a dress that might not suit them. You can obviously give them some direction in terms of colour and budget (if you're paying for it) so they don't go completely off piste.

DIY Decor

I think this trend is going to boom this year, it's always been around but I feel people want to add more personal touches to their weddings and get somewhat creative and arts and crafty so that more elements have more meaning on their wedding day.

Partying Hard!

We have all had partying held back from us over the last couple of years so it's now time to party and party hard! Postponed weddings are still happening so celebrate that you've finally made it and it could happen! Some couples might also be having '2nd weddings' so that they can invite all the people they originally wanted at their wedding but had to restrict guest numbers and they just want to celebrate!


Back Garden Weddings

We love that we're seeing more and more couples want to host their wedding in a marquee in their back garden or a relatives back garden (provided you have enough space), it's so much more relaxed surrounded by home comforts.

I'm also seeing a lot of Airbnb's / holiday homes offering their homes and land for hire for marquee weddings which if you haven't got the space yourself is a perfect solution. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend in a fantastic b'n'b celebrating your wedding.


I'm seeing a little light theming coming into weddings such as Bridgerton, Disco, 70's that type of thing. I'm seeing more and more of this on wedding shoots which then usually moves it's way into real weddings and I think it's super fun so why not go for it! You don't have to theme the whole day but a touch of disco or 70's during the party would be fabulous!

Unusual Entertainment

Now I am so here for this trend! Why not mix up your entertainment and have something different to your acoustic guitarist during the drinks reception and have something like axe throwing, or an adult bouncy castle, or a dance performance or even a petting zoo. Perhaps in the evening instead of a written guest book you're going to have an audio recording guest book instead, you might want to have a silent disco for the party or even a roller disco!

People just want to have fun!

Wallpaper Accents & Pattern

I think we'll be seeing this coming into wedding design and I love it! Add some pattern and printed design with the use of wallpaper, you could use it as a runner down the centre of your table or as a backdrop to your photobooth or even your table plan, the possibilities are endless and there are so many incredible designs out there!

Mini Wedding Cakes

Final trend I think we're going to see a lot of is mini wedding cakes! Different flavoured mini wedding cakes laid out on a table with each flavour meaning something to you and your partner. It also means you're less likely to waste any!

So there we have it, my 2022 wedding trend predictions! I'm so excited for them and I really hope I see them come through in 2022 weddings more and more! Let's make weddings even more personal and all about the couple, remember I'm all about you do you so embrace it!

If you want to include any of these trends into your wedding but need some help with how then we offer a bespoke design consultation service so don't be scared to get in touch!

Happy Planning

Lauren xx


Photos by: 1, 4, 6. Story & Colour, 3. Fresh Shoot Studios 5. Ross Hurley Photography

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