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Wedding Planning: Don't Fall Into The Traps

This week we are talking about 9 traps (yes, 9!) that you do not want to fall into when you're planning your wedding.

Keeping Up With The Jones's

Do not feel like you have to keep up with what your friends did and don't try to level up or do one better. But equally don't be afraid to do or have something that someone you know may have done. As you will know by now, our moto here at Bluebird is 'You do you'! It is your wedding day and therefore it is about you guys. Make those decisions based on what will make YOU happy.

Don't Feel Like You Have To Follow The Latest Trends

Trends are there to inspire and provide you with some idea of where to start. Choose a colour palette that you like and enjoy visually instead of going for what you think you should have because it is 'on trend'. It doesn't matter what other people think is 'on trend' or cool, it's about what you like.

Set Your Budget And Stick To It

When you sit down at the beginning and set your budget, you need to stick to it. It is so, so easy to overspend and say 'but I really want that' or 'I really need all the shiny things'. It is such a horrible hole to go down and it is so hard to get out of. Repeat with me guys, you will not overspend! Maybe you're not even tracking what is being spent. Our Wedding Planning Toolkit is super low cost, it will help you stay organised and track your budget and spending. Use that spreadsheet! I know its not pretty but they will save you a lot of stress.


There are a couple of points to mention here. Do not feel like you have to send physical invitations. You can set up a wedding website where you can send everyone an invite and they can RSVP via that. It will track everything and make your life that much easier. Only send a physical invite if that's your thing.

Don't feel like you have to invite people because they invited you to their wedding. You may have been to so and so's wedding 5 years ago, but you're no longer friends so you don't need to invite them.

Don't Do It All Yourself

Every couple is different and you might want to split the wedding planning 50/50 between you. Or maybe one wants to do it more than the other because its more their thing or the other is snowed under with work. But lean on members of your family or friends if you can, give them small tasks to help ease the burden. Or maybe enlist the help of a wedding planner if you have the budget for one. Here at Bluebird, as well as planning and coordination, we offer consultation hours which can be helpful if there are any burning questions or something in particular you are stuck with.

Please Yourselves

Its so easy to fall into the trap of trying to please others. Base decisions and your choices on the things that make you happy. Don't let anyone else persuade you not to do something unless you genuinely believe it is the right decision for you. If you care about something and it means something to you, go for it. Don't let someone else tell you otherwise.

Don't DIY Everything

Now I love DIY, I've done a few DIY projects myself and I'm here for it. But you don't need to DIY everything. Do you have space for to store all of the DIY projects once they're finished? Have you considered how much time these will take up? Have you researched how much it costs to buy or hire these items? It may not be as much as you think by the time you've purchased the raw materials. Maybe you could sell them on. Just pick a couple or DIY projects for the right reasons as you may get halfway through and regret it.

Feed Your Guests Properly

There are plenty of ways you can save money but I don't recommend you try to scrimp when it comes to feeding your guests. You don't want hangry or excessively drunk guests ruining your day because they haven't been properly fed. Make sure you consider your timings and bare in mind that there might be long periods of time where guests may be drinking and may not have eaten for quite some time. Don't feel like you have to have a three course meal for your wedding breakfast. You could provide canapes earlier in the day and just go for two courses later in the day. Wedding guests come away and remember food and entertainment as it directly affects them. There are lots of ways to save money without starving your guests.

Don't Underestimate Soft Drinks

It's really easy to get carried away with champagne, prosecco, ingredients for cocktails, spirts, wine, beer... But please don't forget about the soft drinks. Again its all about guest experience, its not really fair to just leave them with water. Give a little thought to those that don't drink, might be pregnant or driving and any children that might be coming to your day.

There you go guys, 9 traps that you will not fall into now that you've read this blog and watched my YouTube Video. You're also going to remember that its your wedding day, you do you guys!

Happy planning,

Lauren xx

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Photos 1, 2 & 3 Mindy Coe Photography

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