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The Ultimate Wedding Flower Guide

Knowing exactly what you should be considering and what's included at each part of the day can be a little be daunting and the likelihood is you don't know what's actually involved.

Yes you guessed it I'm talking wedding flowers, you may be thinking I just need flowers for the wedding tables, a bouquet and some buttonholes but there's actually a lot more too it, if you want there to be.

So let's dive into this topic!

So firstly I have created a FREE DOWNLOAD for you to keep with a checklist of wedding flowers you might want to consider! So make sure you download that now for future reference when speaking with your florist.

Bridal Party

So items you may want to consider for your bridal party are the bride's bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets - you may not want them to have bouquets so might consider flower crowns instead, or you might want them to have a corsage or flower hoop. Consider these elements for any flower girls as well and even mother's of the bride and groom.

Next are buttonholes so that's usually for the Groom, his best man, any ushers/groomsmen and the father's of the bride and groom, any one in the close knit wedding party. In my mind there are no set rules on who gets buttonholes so if you wanted to just give them to those wearing the same suits or include people such as your toastmaster then go for it.


Now there are lots of different options for you and this will ultimately vary depending on your venue/space and whether you're inside or outside but these are the things you could consider. A flower arch of some sort within the ceremony space is always a winner, this could be at the entrance of the venue or it could be a backdrop to the altar framing you guys and whoever is leading your ceremony. It doesn't have to be an arch it could be a moongate which is a big hoop or asymmetric installations or a floating cloud piece or could even be two large urns. The possibilities are endless but have a think about what you want, where you want them and what your budget is.

Another area you can decorate is the aisle, so more traditionally you decorate the pew ends where you have flowers tied from the inside edge of the church benches or chairs that line the aisle however these aren't the best for repurposing so do consider that. Another option is to have meadows which are long oblong shaped arrangements that are placed on the floor at the ends of each or every other row to line the aisle (these are great for repurposing later in the day and make any space look great!)

The final area you might want to decorate is the registrar's table just to tie it into the overall look.

When decorating the ceremony space with flowers just make sure you think about flowers that are easily moved or transported so that they can be reused at a different part of the wedding.

Drinks Reception

So people don't usually go too mad when decorating the drinks reception space with flowers. Places you can consider some floral elements could be on the bar - this could be a big arrangement in one corner or you could decorate the front of the bar unit or just have some bud vases to make it look a bit prettier than just a bar.

If you have any tables for casual seating or poseur tables then you could have small bud vases on them along with a few tea lights, if the poseur tables have linen then you could tie them a 3rd down with some foliage.

If you have any signage such as a welcome sign or order of the day sign you might want to add some floral decoration to these just to help tie these into the theme and overall aesthetics of the day.

Wedding Breakfast

I won't lie, this is my favourite space for flowers!!! You can get so creative, there are so many options you can do with flowers and I love styling any wedding breakfast space!

Because there are so many options and each wedding venue and wedding design is unique it's difficult to give you a specific list but here are the things I think you should consider for your wedding breakfast.

Firstly and most obviously the tables, now if you're having round tables then you'll need to go for something that fits within the centre of the table. You can go high and you can go low just avoid going medium in height as they might block guests view of each other across the table. If you're having long trestles you can go medium in height as your florist will be able to place them so that they don't block peoples views. There are so many fun things you can do, you could do plinths, urns, bowls, bud vases, meadows, foliage it's endless, you can even look at repurposing ceremony flowers or bridesmaids bouquets for example.

Another floral element you could consider is a backdrop to the top table. Now this could be your ceremony backdrop that's been repurposed or a completely new arrangement but it's always nice to have something behind you when you look back at photos rather than a blank wall.

Depending on your budget and your venue you might want to consider decorating the ceiling, that could be hanging installations over the tables, at the central point or decorating existing features such as beams or pillars. Decorating the ceiling can really make a huge impact in your space so do consider it if you can.

Evening Reception

Only a few things you might want to consider with flowers during the evening and firstly is your cake, do you want fresh flowers on your cake and does your florist need to provide these for your baker or do you want an arrangement on the table to enhance the cake or can you repurpose something from the ceremony or from dinner tables if you need to remove any to make space for the party or your bridesmaids bouquets.

Guest book table you might want an arrangement or some bud vases just to add that little extra touch.

So there we have it guys a little run down of the floral elements you might want to consider at each section of the day, remember you don't have to do all of this or you can do more than this is completely dependant on you, your budget, your wedding design and your venue.

Don't forget to download your FREE wedding florals checklist just to help you consider what elements you might want.

And if you need help with designing your wedding don't forget we offer a bespoke design consultancy service to help bring your wedding ideas to life! So don't be scared to contact us now!

Happy planning

Lauren xx


Photos by 1. We Are The James's 2, 7, 8. Fresh Shoot Studio 3. Sam Docker 4, 5, 6. Mindy Coe Photography

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