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You MUST do this before you create your offering! - The Content Collective Podcast

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

S3 Episode 7: You MUST do this before you create your offering!



This week I'm chatting about a really important and key task that any business needs to do before they start or whenever a new idea pops into your entrepreneurial brain! This task really is the foundation of your business and if you don't do the work you could end up with rushing into something that might not work and we really don't want that!

[0:00] - Intro

Having recently been discussing my own business with my team we were brainstorming about where we want to go and where to take it but got so excited that we nearly forgot to this extremely important and key task that any business needs to do. So let's chat about it!

[3:00] - Backstory and Insight Into The Content Collective

Why was it started and how was it born? Really it was a little passion project for me but then people kept asking me for my advice, so I wanted to share my knowledge.

[10:02] - Get Phase 1 Right

Don't get distracted by all your shiny ideas, you must get the foundations right and in place before embarking on those ideas in your business. The three pillars of any business is your purpose, your why and your mission and any idea you have should bring you back to these pillars to help to propel you forward to success! It really is vital.


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Lauren xx


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