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The Content Collective Podcast - Welcome to Series Two, Honest Chat, Anxiety & Growth

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Series 2, Episode 1 : Welcome Back to Series Two, Honest Chat, Anxiety & Growth



Welcome back to Series Two of The Content Collective, it's super exciting to be back as I have some amazing topics and guest speakers for you! This episode is raw and honest as the back end of 2021 wasn't the greatest and I want to share that experience with you, as life as an entrepreneur isn't always perfect!

[1:03] - Welcome Back!

What I've been up to over Christmas and the start of 2022.

[2:36] - An Honest Chat

The highs and lows of my entrepreneur life as a business owner over the last couple of months. How was the end of your 2021, honestly mine was full of anxiety and guilt and listen to why.

[11:01] - Mental Health

Showing you that being kind to yourself and making tough decisions for your wellbeing does not make you bad at your job.

[13:15] - Word of the Year

What's your word of the year? Find out mine and why I always have a word of the year for all aspects in life!

[18:41] - What's to Come on Series Two

Find out what's to come on series two of The Content Collective!



Atomic Habits by James Clear

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Happy listening!

Lauren xx


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