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The Content Collective Podcast - Niching Your Brand with Valentina Ring Of The Stars Inside

Series Two, Episode 6 : Niching Your Brand



This weeks podcast I speak with the highly passionate Valentina Ring from The Stars Inside who has found an area within the wedding industry that not only she cares about but lights her up inside. She's the pinnacle of niching her brand to attract the correct audience and clients.

The Stars Inside is a bespoke planning and design studio, specialising in soulful elopements and intimate destination weddings all over the world. Valentina’s specialty is creating magical atmospheres that couples can enjoy to the fullest. She loves working closely with her brides and grooms to help them weave their passions, stories, and values into their celebrations. Her work is all about making time and space for creating deeper connections with loved ones through heartfelt, elevated, welcoming wedding experiences. She’s based in the UK, but supports couples in styling and planning breathtaking weddings and elopements all over the world.

Valentina’s background includes time spent studying as an astrophysicist, trading stocks at an investment bank, and swinging off a trapeze as a circus performer. She found her calling when she launched her wedding planning company in 2017, using all of her problem solving, creative, and people skills in an industry she absolutely adores.

[1:03] - Introduction to The Stars Inside

Find out about Valentina's incredible background and how she came to starting her own wedding planning business.

[5:44] - Creating a Niche Business

Valentina has made a name for herself by really niching down into creating incredible elopements for couples and specialising in that but she didn't always start this way.

[11:49] - Blossoming During the Pandemic

With restrictions in place for weddings Valentina's business really blossomed and came into light, Valentina speaks about her experiences during this time and how she experienced so much gratitude from her couples and heightened emotions for her couples.

[19:34] - Tips on Niching Down

Listen to Valentina's tips on how to really find your niche as a business, even if it is a scary moment to find that confidence in your niche product or service.

[27:00] - Standing Out with Your Niche

A short discussion on how niching your brand can make you stand out to the right audience and attract the right clients.

[31:09] - 2022 for The Stars Inside

Find out what 2022 has in store for Valentina and The Stars Inside.

[37:48] - What does Entrepreneurship to Valentina

Valentina speaks openly about how she thought she could never be an entrepreneur and how her life and business journey proved to her that she could do it and how you should be proud of what you've achieved.


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Lauren xx


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