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The Content Collective Podcast - My Top 10 Business Tools

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Series Two, Episode 7 : My Top 10 Business Tools



In this podcast episode I give you an insight into what business tools I use in my business to help save me precious time, keep my workflows streamlined and simple and help with converting leads! I even have some great discounts for you on some of the products so make sure you click the links below if you think they're the right fit for your business to receive those!

[1:03] - Intro

A little update on what I've been up to recently including my first networking hike and what I'm discussing in this podcast episode

[4:08] - Tool 1: Calendly

This tool was an absolute game changer for me for booking in calls and converting leads, so find out more!

[8:15] - Tool 2: Flodesk

This is my email marketing platform, I moved over from Mailchimp as I just couldn't get on with it plus it cost me a fortune. It's so much easier to use and the price is so cost effective!

[13:09] - Tool 3: Dubsado

This is a CRM platform that I use for all my clients for project management including contracts and invoicing. It's a brilliant platform that can be automated as much as you want and can be linked to Stripe and Quickbooks for payment.

[15:52] - Tool 4: Aisle Planner

Another CRM platform but specifically designed for the wedding planning industry that I'm in.

[18:26] - Tool 5: Canva

A design platform to help create all your graphics and thumbnails for anything you need, we use it all the time and it's a fantastic platform.

[20:14] - Tool 6: Trello

This is my favourite tool ever!! If you're a list lover (like me) then this is for you! You can create boards and To Do lists for everything and anything to do with your business and honestly it's a game changer.

[22:58] - Tool 7: Tube Buddy

This is specifically to use alongside YouTube and helps with your SEO for videos. It's brilliant for helping to make my videos get the views and noticed!

[25:19] - Tool 8: Stripe

A money taking app/platform which is really handy and really quick.

[27:08] - Tool 9: Zapier

A really cool and helpful tool that can link platforms that can't usually link together.

[30:22] - Tool 10: Epidemic Sound

Is a fully licensed music platform for use of music on videos, I used this all the time for background music on my YouTube videos.

[31:26] - Bonus Tool: iMovie

Another tool I use all the time and is completely free for editing video is iMovie and I use this for all my YouTube videos.

[31:55] - Conclusion

Listen to what I think are the most fundamental tools I use in my business out of the Top 10/11 I have given you more details about!


Top 10 Tools

Calendly - special deal: free 14 days with Pro

Flodesk - special deal: 50% off

Dubsado - special deal: 20% off

Aisle Planner - special deal: 25% off first 3 months

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Happy listening!

Lauren xx


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