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The Content Collective Podcast - Let's Talk YouTube

Series Two, Episode 3 : Let's Talk YouTube - Who it's for and how to it can change your business



Let me give you some stats, this platform brings me 90% of my wedding enquiries, it provides and powers three additional income streams to my business, it brings approx 25% on my website traffic and builds a highly engaged audience of subscribers and that is of course YouTube. Learn how YouTube can maximise your business in more ways than one and how I have grown on YouTube to be the UK's number one wedding planner on this platform!

[1:33] - Intro

Did you know the average podcast doesn't surpass episode 7 and I've made it to Series Two which is super exciting!

[2:11] - Diving Into YouTube

Now before you run off thinking 'No, YouTube is not for me, I have enough on my plate' just hear me out as it's an incredible platform for businesses (trust me!)

[4:41] - How to use YouTube as part of your Marketing Strategy

Grab a pen and some paper as you'll want to make some notes on this! Essentially YouTube will be the top level of your marketing funnel, it's your free, but great, long form content and we should all be putting our great value on our platforms for our audience.

[7:58] - Let's Chat Video

You know I love a video and it's proven to convert conversion rates, engagement rates and sales, find out why!

[8:45] - How I Use YouTube

Find out how I use YouTube to drip feed people into my business model and how it helps with my business income bringing me three additional streams of income.

[16:10] - Who is YouTube for

If you're an educator, a coach, a creative business owner providing a product or service you can educate your audience and give them value, but how does that work to bring you business?

[20:00] - Final Words

I absolutely love YouTube and I'll definitely try and teach you all more about it so please get in touch if you have any questions or want more knowledge on how to maximise YouTube for your business.


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Happy listening!

Lauren xx


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