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The Content Collective Podcast - Importance of Aesthetics and Having a Style

Series Two, Episode 5 : Importance of Aesthetics of Having a Style, but Knowing When To Use it and When to Switch it Up



This episode I'm dishing the dirt and spilling the tea on a topic that I usually save for my 1:1 clients. I'm talking about the importance of aesthetics and having a style when it comes to using your social media platforms and getting your brand out there. I can't tell you how important it is when you're building your brand and your audience through the power that is Instagram.

[1:21] - Intro

This is an educational episode providing you with so much value so make you have your pen and paper ready to make notes.

[2.14] - Brand Style

What does brand style actually mean? It interlinks with your brand identity and ideal clients.

[4:17] - Style & Instagram

Let's talk style in terms of Instagram and your grid and how important each piece of content you post reflects your brand style.

[9:34] - Mixing Up Beautifully Curated Grids

Making sure you're mixing up your Instagram grid to engage with your audience and get the benefit of the Instagram algorithm. Consider the 4 Instagram pillars with the content your posting.

[17:49] - Standing Out with Your Style

Make sure you're standing out to your audience with your aesthetics and style so that when you post content your audience knows exactly who's posted without having to check.


A fantastic example of a brand that knows their aesthetics is Grape & Fig, listen to their inspirational story on my podcast by clicking the link below.

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Happy listening!

Lauren xx


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