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The Content Collective Podcast - Healthy Habits and Intentions | The Hare and The Tortoise

Series Two, Episode 9: Healthy Habits and Intentions | The Hare and The Tortoise



A short episode packed with useful information on how to implement healthy habits and intentions into your life style that you're not going to give up on. I relate this back to The Tortoise and The Hare analogy and remember slow and steady always wins the race and the same applies when you want to add in new life style changes!

[1:03] - Intro

Let's talk about creating healthy habits and how to implement them into your life

[3:19] - New Year, New Goals

Do you ever start the new year with a list of goals or habits you want to change about your life then find that by mid January you've given up, well let's relook at that with The Tortoise and The Hare analogy.

[10:42] - Small Successful Habits

Once you're able to successfully implement a couple of new habits then you can move onto changing more! Listen to find out what I changed next and what I've got on my list to change as the year goes on.

[17:26] - How Did You Start Your 2022, Like The Hare or The Tortoise?

Reflect on your own start to 2022 and understand how time blocking can help you with your tasks and little life challenges to help turn these into healthy habits.



Atomic Habits - James Clear

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