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The Content Collective Podcast - Finding Confidence

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Episode 4: Finding Confidence



If I asked you if you are a confident person, what would you say? This is something I get asked (or told) quite often, I get comments like 'how are you so confident', 'you're such an extrovert', 'I wish I had your confidence to do xyz'. Well, in this episode I'm going to dive into this topic and break it down.

[1:26] - Intro

Find out what this episode is all about and how I'll be breaking down the topic of confidence.

[3:28] - What is Confidence? And How to Deal with Self Doubt.

It's easy to get confused on what confidence is, remember it's a skill that's learnt rather than a trait that we're born with. So you have to try but then self doubt kicks in so how do we combat that?

[10:08] - Confidence Myths

Busting some confidence myths that you might hear day to day.

[11:53] - Taking Action to be More Confident Let me share a few examples of when I made the decision to take action in becoming more confident rather than letting the self doubt take control.

[19.01] - How to Build Confidence

There are a 4 top tips that I have to help you can take action to build confidence which will help to drive you forward. These include the Progress Principle [19:23], Consistency and Repetition [20:00], The 5 Second Rule [23:31] and Positive Self Talk [27:00]

[29:25] - How I Used Those Top Tips to Build My Confidence

Let's go back to those comments I get about confidence and what we now know after listening to this podcast. You really can have confidence as it's a mindset, just remember that!


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Lauren xx


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