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The Content Collective Podcast - Building a Business On Instagram With Pretty Post

Series 2, Episode 2 : Building a Business Using Instagram



Zoe Lacey runs the multi-award-winning wedding stationery design studio The Golden Letter, and all-round fun stationery brand Pretty Post. Over the last six years, she has grown her Instagram following to a combined 40,000 followers. You’ll often find her on her on stories talking about the highs and lows of running a business and keeping it very real. With her spare time, Zoe has also spent the last 18 months running and teaching The Stationery Sessions a course and community for early stage and aspiring stationery designers.

Alongside running her three businesses, she is a co-parent to an almost 9 year old boy. She lives in North London, surrounded by paper and houseplants.

[1:02] - Intro to Guest Speaker Zoe Lacey

Find out more about Zoe Lacey and how her businesses started and grew. She's a true believer of listening to her gut and if her gut tells her to do something now she'll take action and do it!

[9:19] - Diversifying Her Business

How and when Zoe diversified her businesses as Pretty Post had always been an idea that she wanted to do. Find out the journey she went on to kick start this business.

[15:10] - How Pretty Post Developed as a Brand

Find out how Zoe's personality inspired her brand identity and how it's really grown her following on Instagram and her business. Instagram isn't just a photo and a caption it's so much more.

[21:38] - Creating Content for Instagram

Zoe has to be in the mood to create Instagram content, her creativity needs to be flowing. Her mantra is also about showing the truth of an entrepreneur and business owner within her content and that not everything is always perfect.

[27:36] - Stop Motion Videos

Find out how Stop Motion videos have really boosted Zoe's Instagram engagement, she reveals that they're easier than you might think!

[31:04] - How Instagram Has Affected Zoe's Business

Over the 6 years of Zoe's businesses Instagram has changed in a very big way and for Pretty Post Instagram is integral for repeat buyers and her audience. She wouldn't be able to do what she does without Instagram!

[34:46] - Managing More Than One Instagram Account

Find out how does Zoe manages three Instagram accounts.

[39:33] - What's Zoe's Plan for 2022

Listen to Zoe's targets and goals for Pretty Post, The Golden Letter and The Stationery Sessions in 2022!

[41:15] - What Does Entrepreneurship Mean to Zoe

Zoe's final thoughts on what entrepreneurship means to her and how she takes after her dad and loves being paid for doing what she loves!


Alice Loveday - Stop Motion Content Creator

Momento - App

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