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The Content Collective Podcast - Boundaries & Finding Balance

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Episode 7 : Boundaries & Finding Balance



Victoria developed her passion for health and wellness after suffering with eczema her entire life and discovering it was related to dairy and wheat food intolerances. Health coaching took her on her own journey of self-development and opened her eyes even deeper into the external factors that influence how we choose to fuel and nourish our bodies.

[0:58] - Intro to Victoria Albury

Dive straight in and find out about my guest speaker, about what she does and how she started.

[8:05] - The Balance Between Business Owner & Mum

Find out how Victoria deals with the balance of running her own business and being a mother of two and why the balance is so important.

[16:28] - Setting Boundaries for Self Care

Creating little boundaries in life to create the perfect work / life balance for you helps your ultimate self care to keep your self care consistent.

[21:16] - Tools for Self Care

Find out Victoria's top tips for her clients to help with self care, having less stress and being more productive.

[28:25] - Is Your Brand Creative

I wanted to find out if Victoria's brand is creative and how she fit's creativity into her life. Victoria even asks her clients if they're satisfied with their creativity.

[34:21] - Top 3 Recommendations for Looking After Yourself

Hydration and Sleep are super important for self care but also balance, find the balance between being a mum and running a business. We dig deeper into boundaries and how these help with overall balance.

[43:16] - Final Question - What is Entrepreneurship to you?

Find out what Victoria thinks entrepreneurship is, she first thought it was very male orientated that was product led but now her mindset has completely changed!



Atomic Habits by James Clear

Period Power by Maisie Hill

Calendly - Free Appointment Scheduling Platform

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