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The Content Collective Podcast - Being Your Authentic Self & Building A Community As An Entrepreneur

Series Two, Episode 4 : Building Your Authentic Self & Building a Community as an Entrepreneur with Em Huckstep



Em Huckstep is a corporate drop-out turned online business expert with a wealth of experience spanning coaching and marketing alongside a history in yoga and health. She supports thousands of entrepreneurs and has created successful businesses grounded in healthy mindset practices. She thrives by empowering others to believe in their dreams and supports this shift in mindset with practical know-how. In this episode we have an honest chat with her about being your authentic self as an entrepreneur and how to build your own community.

[1:04] - Intro to Em Huckstep

A fellow Halloween birthday twin, a little intro into Em Huckstep and what her business is all about.

[6:43] - Yoga Teaching into Business Coaching

Find out how Em started on her yoga journey to become a successful yoga teacher whilst continuing her marketing connections and then found her passion as a business coach.

[12:54] - Em's Brand Values

Integrity and community are huge parts of Em's brand values, find out more as to why and how that works for her and her business.

[18:17] - All About Being Real

Em discusses how being real on Instagram and showing the highs and lows helps to broaden peoples viewpoints. She even gives her top tips on how to break the echo-mould of Instagram and learn how to be real again!

[31:30] - Advise on How to Beat Imposture Syndrome

Em gives her top tips on what to do to to help beat imposture syndrome, unfollowing accounts that are in the same industry is a huge part of that!

[35:20] - What 2022 Looks Like for Em

Find out Em's goals and aspirations for 2022, she hit her targets for 2021 and hit them to within a penny so she's set her sights high for 2022!

[38:41] - What Does Entrepreneurship Mean to Em

Em's thoughts have definitely changed as to what she thought entrepreneurship was when she first started. She believes it's all about having big ideas and the creativity and to just go with them and not be afraid of failure!


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