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The Content Collective Podcast - Creating a Stand Out Style Led Brand with Grape & Fig

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Episode 2 : Creating a Stand Out Style Led Brand with Grape & Fig



Welcome back to The Content Collective, episode two is an exciting discussion with Toria, the founder of the UK's first grazing catering company called Grape & Fig. Learn how her company started, how they they were inspired, how they've grown, the overall guest experience and how she's become a leading grazing company. Grape & Fig brought the concept of 'grazing' over to the UK in 2017, and have since earned the reputation as THE specialists in fuss-free, aesthetically stunning food that brings people together, that creates conversation and lasting memories. Find out more about the companies story by listening to the podcast!

  • [1.40] - Intro to Toria and Grape & Fig Discover what Grape & Fig are all about, what they do and how they started.

  • [6.35] - The Grape & Fig Experience Learn how they create these edible masterpieces that are all about the guest experience.

  • [10.27] - Before Grape & Fig Find out what Toria did before creating Grape & Fig and a bit about her background.

  • [14.20] - Growing the Team After falling pregnant with her first child, that's when Toria decided she needed a partner to help with the business, and that's when her sister, Catherine, came on board.

  • [19.36] - How Covid Affected Grape & Fig Sadly it had to be discussed, the dreaded C-word, find out how Covid affected Toria and Grape & Fig and how they adapted the business during this period. It really is an inspiring story how they survived this period.

  • [27.09] - Engaging Their Audience Toria really understands how to engage her audience and build relationships with other small businesses.

  • [30.34] - Growing the Business Further with Even More Family Members With the adapted business venture that happened throughout covid meant that the team needed to grow even more to meet the demand.

  • [38.30] - Top Tips for Small Businesses Find out Toria's top tips for small businesses and how to keep them going and grow!

  • [42.35] - What's Next for Grape & Fig? The new venture continues for Toria and the Grape & Fig team and they're now opening a shop!

  • [46.43] - Brand Identity and the Power of Instagram Grape & Fig are well known over Instagram and understand how to create a brand identity, find out what they're going to be offering in the future for small businesses.

  • [49.20] - What is Entrepreneurship to Toria? Final question to ask our guest speaker which will be asked to all guest speakers, what does entrepreneurship mean to Toria.

I love bringing you inspiring business stories such as the one with Grape & Fig, you've heard some of Toria's juicy gems of wisdom and her positivity and passion for her own business which I hope gives you the right mindset to start on your business journey or the push you need to continue on a journey you've already started.


So guys, I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of The Content Collective. on't forget to subscribe to the podcast, and we would love for you to leave us a review and let us know what you thought!

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Happy listening!

Lauren xx


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