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The challenges and lessons of setting up a business with Family, Lucy Lee - The Content Collective

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

S3 Episode 2: The challenges and lessons of setting up a business with family with Lucy Lee



This episode's guest is Lucy Lee of jewellery brands Lily Charmed and Scream Pretty, Previously working in television but wanting that work / life balance whilst raising 2 children and a need to be creative she set out on a new chapter. She quite literally started Lily Charmed from her kitchen table... she on-boarded the babysitter as well as 2 family members and they did everything in the attic (designing the jewellery, dispatching etc). Her husband Jon then joined the business in 2015. In 2016 she went on to launch a sister brand Scream Pretty which now has presence in America and Australia.

I loved this conversation, hearing how both Lucy and her sister go from designing the jewellery, both with different techniques, to hearing about their growth, set backs and ups and downs in growing a successful business.

Lily Charmed celebrated its 10th anniversary last year!

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed the conversation.

[00:00] - Intro

A little introduction into our guest Lucy Lee.

[2:48] - Falling Into It

Listen to how Lucy fell into creating her own business from the help of her sister and where she started.

[6:04] - Steep Learning Curve

Lucy had to learn an entirely new job-set for her new business and she soon realised that hiring people better than her (as strange as it seems) really helped on her journey.

[8:00] - Evolution of the Brand

Listen to how her initial business evolved into creating a sister brand from a blog she used to write all about her favourite designers and accessorises called Scream Pretty.

[13:18] - Growing the Business

Lucy admits the growth of her business was bumpy but it had to be to get where she is today and with loyal staff to help along the way it made it worthwhile.

[19:17] - Challenges of Growing a Business

Lucy tells all about her challenges with starting her own business including finding the right staff and exit plans!

[26:36] - Mastermind Programme Advert!

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[28:28] - Pregnancy and Starting a Business

Lucy tells us how after discovering she was pregnant how her then job just wasn't the right fit for the parent she knew she wanted to be and why she decided to change her career path at that stage in her life.

[32:39] - Creativity and Inspiration

Find out what inspires Lucy to design her jewellery for both brands.

[39:25] - Lucy's Love of Being a Business Owner

Listen to Lucy's advise on how to start your own business and why she loves being her own boss! She also tells us one of her lowest moments of running her business.

[46:48] - Mental Wellbeing Whilst Growing a Business

Lucy isn't too good at taking wellbeing advice but she knows she should, listen to how she does deals with her mental wellbeing.

[51:40] - What's Next for Lily Charmed and Scream Pretty

Having just launched in Australia and America they'll be trying to push the brand out there plus new collection launches and some other exciting things in the pipeline.

[58:20] - What is Entrepreneurship to You

Find out what Lucy's answer is to this final question I ask all guests.


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