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Six Wedding Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

These are the things you really do need to consider so you don't end up having a boo boo on your wedding day! You don't want any hiccups that might make your guest experience a bit pants either. I'm breaking it down and giving you six wedding styling mistakes you want to avoid.

Wedding Ceremony Setup

When setting up your wedding ceremony, actually consider how many guests you have either side of the aisle. You want to avoid having odd numbers as the majority of your guests will have been invited and attending as a couple. So you want to avoid splitting those couples up across different rows.

Repurpose Those Flowers!

Mistake number two is not repurposing those flowers from you wedding ceremony. Let me tell you, your ceremony is going to be roughly 30 minutes long, and it would be a travesty not to reuse any florals that are decorating the space during this short time. Flowers are expensive and they're beautiful so lets make sure we are maximising that budget and utilising them properly. If you waste them, its bad for the environment and it would be a huge shame not to move them and enjoy them during another part of your wedding. Speak to your florist and express your intentions of repurposing so they can advise how best to do this.

Choose Your Candles Wisely

Lets move on to Candles. I LOVE love a candle. There are so many cool candles out there nowadays. But you need to choose them wisely. I use Ester & Erik very frequently, they're beautiful, Swedish candles that are tapered very tall and thinly. But I do love all the other types too: tall and twisty, dip dye, fat and textured and of course tea lights. Do bear in mind their burn time, you want them to last through the wedding breakfast at least.

And consider what base your candles will sit in/on. If your candles have nothing to contain any wax that may drip off onto table linen, you may be liable for any extra cost that the linen company may charge for damages or extra cleaning costs. Also be wary of where you're placing them on your table and be very cautious if you have dried flowers. Dried flowers are extremely flammable!

Stationary Size Matters

I was recently booked to coordinate a wedding, and when it came to placing the table names into the photo frames provided on the day, we found they were too large. So we had to cut each one down to ensure they fit perfectly. Be wary of the sizing of everything from place names to welcome signage. Are they legible? Do they fit on the easel the venue are providing? Your stationary should arrive before your wedding day, so just think about how they are being used and whether they will fit the space they're intended for.

Signage makes all the difference

My couples have come up with some really creative ways to display their guests books and have had some great ideas on how to get their guests to leave messages. Some have had polaroid cameras or photo booths so guests can include a photo as well as a message, some have provided a bottle so guests can roll the up and put them inside. But don't assume guests will know what to do. Make sure you provide signage so it clearly states what you would like them to do. That way you're likely to get more uptake and a nice full guest book.

Centre Piece Views

When designing your wedding breakfast table, just bear in mind the height of those centre pieces. When your guests sit down, you want them to admire and appreciate what you have chosen to decorate the tables with. But you also want them to see the people sitting opposite them. Go for something nice and high or very low. If you go for something high, it creates something beautiful for the eyeline when you're looking across the room but it doesn't prevent conversations and ruin your guests wedding breakfast experience.

There you go lovelies, I hope you found these tips helpful and they prevent you from falling into any styling traps.

Happy planning!

Lauren xx


Photo 1 Mindy Coe Photography

Photo 2 & 3 Anneli Marinovich Photograpy

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