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Knowing Your Brand, Building Community and Affiliate Marketing - The Content Collective Podcast

Season 2 Episode 8 : With Zoe from Knot Your Average Bride



In this podcast episode, I chat with the owner that is Zoe from Knot Your Average Bride and The Vibe Membership. She is a hair and makeup artist from Essex, who has made name for herself in her niche in the industry and is gradually spreading her wings in business, finding different income streams. Listen to her inspiring story and our conversation on using affiliate marketing within your business.

[1:03] - Intro

Let's introduce and welcome the wonderful Zoe from Knot Your Average Bride

[2:14] - Zoes Introduction

Zoe introduces herself. she is a hair and makeup artist, who began her journey in fashion and decided to take a leap into the wedding industry and make her mark with her signature style.

[6:04] - Zoe's Journey

Zoe tells us about her journey to becoming a hair and makeup entrepreneur. She originally tried out acting and presenting, but soon decided that a career behind the scenes was more for her than in front of the camera.

[8:58] - Zoe tells us about diversifying her business as a hair and makeup educator with her other business The Vibe Education, which is a membership for hair and makeup artists.

[13:15] - Affiliate Marketing

We start the discussion on affiliate marketing, the taboo around it, how it can benefit your business and become another revenue stream.

[18:45] - The important things to remember when using affiliate marketing

[27:19] - Having influence and building community.

[31:25] - Zoe tells us what she has planned for the rest of 2022.

[35:19] - What is entrepreneurship to Zoe.


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Lauren xx


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