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Instagram and the need for Likes - The Content Collective Podcast

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

S3 Episode 1: Instagram and the need for Likes



Welcome back to Series Three of The Content Collective! A short solo episode all about that inconspicuous heart shaped button on Instagram... yes the Like button! I discuss how this little button, believe it or not, is not the most important on Instagram as well as giving you the insight on what's coming up in the rest of the series.

[0:00] - Welcome back

Welcoming you back to season three and what I've been up to in-between.

[2:15] - What's coming up

It's great to be back recording The Content Collective and I've got some great tips, tricks and juicy gems of wisdom for you.

[4:45] - The love hate relationship of Likes

It's a love hate relationship when it comes to likes on Instagram and for some reason it's very different when we post to when we're scrolling, so why do we feel the need to be 'liked' so much?

[9:15] - Change your mindset on the need for Likes

Likes are an addiction but they are not the metric to measure your success on Instagram, move your mindset to the Saves, Shares and Follows.

[13:48] - Style Your Socials mastermind course

I'm bringing my mastermind course back this year and here's a little insight into what's covered in the course.


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Happy listening!

Lauren xx


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