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How To Design Your Wedding

My favourite part of any wedding is the design, it send sparks of excitement and joy running through my veins! I love getting creative and exploring the couples ideas to really make it unique to them and reflect their personality.

It really is a huge part to your day so you really need to think about it, spend time on it and do it properly. Once you have your wedding design it should and will reflect in every element that you do and every supplier that you book.

So I have created for you a Wedding Design Book Template, so you can create your own wedding design.

'What is a Wedding Design Book?'

What is a Wedding Design Book I hear you cry! Well, it's exactly what is says on the tin! It's a booklet or moodboard, for want of another word, that goes through each specific part of your wedding day showing a few selected images alongside some descriptions of how you want your wedding to look and feel.

Now I've done the hard work for you, the template I have created is linked to a platform called Canva which is free to sign up to and all you have to do is input and change the images that reflect the design you want. The example text within the document prompts you to write a short reflective description of the images you've included on the page to enhance the atmosphere and feelings you want to portray within that space or moment. So include things like colours, textures, specific flowers, lighting, feelings the room should create.

I have even done some How To videos which go into more detail on how to start creating your design and then how to use the template! So check those tutorials out below!

Happy Planning

Lauren xx


Photos by: 1. Mindy Coe Photography 4. Lauren Goodman


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