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Growing Your Team & Money Mindset with Lucy White - The Content Collective Podcast

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

S3 Episode 4: Growing Your Team, Money Mindset and getting uncomfortable with Lucy White of Wiskow & White



In this episode I speak with Lucy White from Wiskow & White a fellow wedding planning business specialising in Italian weddings. Wiskow & White is the union of Lucy’s decade in events and marketing for some of the UK’s biggest brands, and Danielle’s (her business partner) 30 year career in Italian wedding catering and planning.

Having started their careers in the wedding industry at a very young age things have now come full circle and here they are. Weddings and a love of love must be in their blood. Their empathetic nature is a super-power and it allows them to create authentic relationships and weddings that perfectly suit each of their individual couples.

It's one of my favourite conversations to date where we discuss growing a team, building team relationships and the fear of letting go and trusting others with your business.

[0:00] - Intro

A little introduction into my favourite guest conversation to date!

[2:30] - How It All Began

Welcome Lucy to the podcast and find out how Wiskow & White began! The stars really did align for Lucy and Danielle when they created their business.

[7:48] - When To Grow The Team

A short story into how I came to meet Lucy and we discovered that we're in a very similar position in our businesses where we're both growing our teams. Being a wedding planner over in Italy sadly Covid hit Wiskow & White hard and that's when Lucy knew she needed to grow her team even though it was the hardest time financially!

[15:24] - Employing Through Covid

Lucy felt uncomfortable having to make that decision of employing freelancers during a global pandemic but she knew she needed to make sacrifices and take a risk.

[23:35] - Top Tips for Starting & Scaling a Business

Lucy gives her advice on starting a creative business and how getting knowing yourself gets you in tune with your gut and that is what you should always trust!

[31:47] - Building Team Relationships

Listen to how it feels for Lucy building relationships with her team and she admits that her team has changed quite a few times but it has to to make sure it works.

[41:15] - Mum Life & Running a Business

Lucy really understand the mum life and running a business struggle and it really is a juggle when during peak wedding season she has to move her family out to Italy for 4 months, but she has decided that mum guilt can just f*%k off and she appreciates the time she does have with her child and husband.

[53:37] - Upcoming at Wiskow & White

Find out what's happening at Wiskow & White and La Lista over the next year.

[57:54] - What Does Entrepreneurship Mean to Lucy

Listen to Lucy's answer on the question I ask all my guest speakers.


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