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Do I need a Wedding Coordinator?

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Do I need a wedding coordinator?

It's a good question and to be honest the answer is entirely dependent on the person!

However to help you work out the answer, why don't I break down what a wedding coordinator is, how they can help you, what they do and what they don't do. That way you can then decide whether they are the answer you are looking for, or if in fact you don't need one!

What is a Wedding Coordinator?

A wedding Coordinator is someone that will usually come on board from around 4 weeks before your wedding day (by which I mean starts their job at this time, but can be booked much earlier). They will then help manage your wedding day to ensure the best day for yourself!

What does a Wedding Coordinator do?

  • A wedding coordinator is the main point of contact for just about everyone on your wedding day. They will contact all your suppliers on the lead up to the wedding to ensure they know that if there are any problems, or they need to speak to anyone on the day, then they are said person. All suppliers, venue managers and even guests or bridal party should be able to turn to the wedding coordinator with any on the day requests, questions or emergencies. If a supplier is stuck in traffic, they will contact the Coordinator and so on.

  • They manage the transitions and keep the flow of the day. A Coordinator will ensure that everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there! You with me? They will assist the bride and bridal party and escort them to the right place for the beginning of the ceremony. They will ensure the guests know where they are going after the ceremony (along with the ushers!), they will make sure the guests are flowing through to each section of the day without anyone really being to aware of them.

  • A good coordinator will deal with any unwanted surprises. It is inevitable that something unplanned will arise on your wedding day. Not to sound pessimistic, but it happens in events, when there are so many cogs turning all at once. However the key to a good coordinator is that you will NEVER know about it! A coordinator will be ready to think on their feet and put out any fires necessary, all with your best interest at the forefront of their mind!

  • The keeper of timings! An on the day coordinator will have an extremely detailed on the day schedule. they will have no doubt created this alongside yourselves and inputed everything that is to happen on the day, including all the suppliers timings as well. This means they have a master schedule of what everyone is doing and can ensure that timings are stuck too. If a few timings slip, then they are able to rework things in the moment to ensure a smooth flowing day.

  • A coordinator will be there to oversee you set up and install. Checking and assisting with the design and styling you have chosen and making sure every single details is just as you planned! A coordinator never wants a bride and groom to arrive and feel disappointed with how the styling and details you have chosen have been implemented on the day!

  • They are your PA for the day. Checking to make sure you have a drink when you need one, ensuring you have everything. Keeping you calm before the ceremony, reminding you to take a moment as a couple and generally being your right hand person on the day, should you need them!

  • Emergency kit carrier...A Coordinator will always carry a full kit bag at a wedding. They include everything you could think of. For example my kit bag ranges from several different types of adhesive (command strips, white tack, cellotape, pins, string), to a spare hammer, extra tights for guests that may have a rip, a 'freshen up bag', additional stationery if extra place names are required last minute (you'd be surprised how many times I've had to use it!), extension leads and so on!

  • But over everything, a coordinator is there to ensure that you have the BEST day possible!

How can a Wedding Coordinator help me?

Having a wedding coordinator is not usually a top priority for brides. But brides that do have one always say how it was THE BEST decision they made in their wedding planning. And the most crucial supplier on their team! They are the unsung hero to your day, because they will keep you calm, collected, and leave you able to enjoy every single moment without the stress or worry of whether everything is going how you envisaged. It just will, because you will have chosen someone who you truly know has just got it in the bag and is putting YOU first!

What does a wedding Coordinator not do?

  • A wedding coordinator will not plan your wedding for you.

  • They will not take over and tell you how you should be doing things.

  • They will not be hugely visible on the day.

  • They will not be over powering.

How much does a Wedding Coordinator charge?

Hard question honestly! The answer to this is hugely dependent on experience and what is actually included in the service. Every wedding coordinators service varies slightly and it is best to check out a few to compare the price and service as well as their expertise. Just remember you get what you pay for. I would also advise seeing if you can have a call or looking at their social media to see what they are like as a person. You will want to click with your coordinator and ensure that they get you, because to me that is priceless on your wedding day!

What does a wedding Coordinator wear?

You'd be surprise how often this is asked and actually searched in Google as well!! All wedding coordinators will vary depending on their brand, company and their ideal client. However on a whole you can expect them to dress smart, either in a dress that isn't too over stated or in all black. not all coordinators stick to all black, but they will never look sloppy or messy. Some may wear a name or company badge, some may carry a radio. I personally am a fan of the jumpsuit. It's smart, but comfortable for a long day on my feet.

Lauren x


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