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Dealing With The Unexpected On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

So first things first, I appreciate this isn't something you probably want to think about?

However.... it's a live event and therefore things do go wrong. It's the nature of the beast!

Now this doesn't mean they will be big things, but small things will always happen on your wedding day, but it's how you deal with them and what you have in place to deal with them that matters.

So if you can get yourself into the mindset that somethings won't go perfectly, but that you have contingency plans and know what is most important to you on the day, then your day will be amazing!

Let's dive into my thoughts on how to deal with the unexpected eventualities that happen on your wedding day!

My first point is already event goes without a hitch, be prepared, no what counts and enjoy yourself!

Weather Contingencies

Make sure you have your wet weather contingency in place. I usually have a plan b and plan c for my couples. If you have the plans in place, there's no worries on the day. It may not go to plan, but you don't have to stress as you know it can be dealt with!

Check out my blog post specifically on weather contingency plans!

Good Supplier Team

When researching and booking your suppliers, make sure you have good reputable suppliers. Check testimonials and have a chat with them, so you can suss out if they are you 'people' for the day. they need to totally understand your vision and have your back. If they can understand what the important factors in your day are, then if anything arises, then they can deal with them according to what the know will be important to you. Your caterer and venue manager are key people here.

Your Tribe

Now you may have decided to enlist some of the closest people to you as part of your tribe on your wedding day. Whether they be Ushers, Bridesmaids or another role that is important for you on your wedding day. Why not let these wonderful people know what the most important things for you are on your wedding day. Do you want to give them a few jobs, to ensure things go to plan? Or to deal with anything should it arise? These people are your besties, they will have your back, no you inside out and can make decisions that will reflect what you would want! Click Here to read more about your bridal party.

Kit Bag

Ok so when I turn up to a wedding I have a MASSIVE bag, filled with everything! I mean literally the contents of my bag is crazy, but it is so I can literally deal with any eventuality!

Now I'm not saying you should have the same bag or kit with you on your wedding day. that might be a bit OTT, but it might be worth noting down what you could have as a bride on the day. A smaller version that is manageable. So if you want to check it out, check this blog post.

A Coordinator

And finally if you are still worried about any unexpected eventualities, or perhaps don't have the same access to some of the above suggestions, then I would highly recommend looking into to having a wedding coordinator on your wedding day. their job is to take care of this unexpected eventualities. To know what means the most to you. To work out how you want want things dealt with and to be your full support team on your wedding day. We have big kit bags for a reason. Make sure when investigating this option, check whether it is one person or do they have an assistant, do they have a large kit bag, how long will they be on site and most importantly..... do you click with them. That last point is key. You have to feel that they get you and fully understand your vision for your day!!

Happy planning ladies and gents!

Lauren xxx



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